How to get all 3 Free Credit Scores, No Obligations!

I’ve written about how to get a free credit score without a credit card, and how to get your 3 free credit reports… but what if you want to check all 3 free credit scores instead of just 1? Well as long as you have a credit card, you’re in luck!

Currently, the only way to get all 3 free credit scores is to sign up for a free trial of a Premium Credit Monitoring Service, my favorite being one called FreeScoresAndMore (visit site) which provides all 3 free credit scores with your 30 day free trial, along with extensive credit monitoring and identity theft protection features.

Why do I need to see all 3 credit scores?

Most free services out there offer just one credit score, which is great, except what many people don’t realize is – you don’t just have one score – you have 3 different credit scores! To get the full picture of your credit worthiness, it’s best to obtain all 3 scores, (one from each of the 3 major credit bureaus – , and ).

Each score will vary depending on the data that has been reported to each credit bureau. Not all creditors report your payment and account history to all 3 credit bureaus, which is why your 3 scores will most likely not be the same. For many people the difference between your scores will not be significant, but for others the difference can be drastic. Personally, there’s typically a 20+ point difference between the lowest and highest of 3 scores. That’s why it’s important to see the full picture and get all 3 free credit scores.

So if it’s free, why is a credit card needed?

In order to start your free trial, you need to enter your credit card information. But don’t worry, if you cancel your account during that 30 day trial, you will not be charged a dime! And you get your 3 free credit scores just for trying it out!

So even though you need to enter your credit card details to get your 3 credit scores, they will not cost you a dime unless you continue your membership beyond the free trial. There’s no obligation to do that, so feel free to cancel and pay nothing for your credit scores.

Why do they offer all 3 free credit scores?

It’s pretty simple really, FreeScoresAndMore wants to recruit as many new members as possible, because it is a Premium credit monitoring and identity protection service, which currently costs $14.99 after the free trial. They are so sure people will love their service, that they are willing to give everyone a full 30 days to try it out before paying for it.

They also offer the ability to cancel at any point in time, if you choose to do so. So nobody will tell you that you can’t sign-up and use the service for 29 days, and then cancel your account before your credit card is set to be billed.

Isn’t this just another “free credit score” scam?

Not at all! It’s a great service that I’ve been using for a very long time, it gives me peace of mind with the credit monitoring features and identity protection services, and comes with a $1 million service guarantee. They have recently raised their monthly fee slightly, but it’s still a great price for the service you receive, not a rip off at all.

If nothing else, take advantage of the free credit scores

Maybe this service is not for you, but if that’s the case at least you will know once you try it. Then just cancel it and there’s no money spent, and no harm done!

Take advantage of free:Get Your 3 Free Credit Scores Now →

Read more about FreeScoresAndMore, or go ahead and get your 3 Free Credit Scores Now!

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