Free Instant Credit Score Estimator

Answer the questions below to create your anonymous credit profile with us. Then just hit Submit and instantly see your credit score results as well as tips on how to improve your score.

Question 1:
How many credit cards do you currently have?

Question 2:
How long ago did you open your first loan account?

Question 3:
How many credit cards or loans have you applied for in the past 12 months?

Question 4:
How long ago did you open your most recent loan or credit card account?

Question 5:
How many of your loans and/or credit cards currently have a balance?

Question 6:
Besides any mortgages, what are your total balances on all other loans and credit cards combined?

Question 7:
How long ago did you last miss a loan or credit card payment?

Question 8:
How many of your loans and/or credit cards are past due as of today?

Question 9:
What percentage of your total credit card limits do your current credit card balances occupy?

Question 10:
If you have ever had a foreclosure, repossession, tax lien, collection or bankruptcy - when was the most recent occurence of any of these events?

The credit score you receive using this tool, what we like to call your Free Credit Score Estimate, is an estimated credit score based on the answers you provide about your credit. This free credit score tool is intended to be as accurate as possible in estimating your potential credit score. However the results are only based on the answers you provide, and in no way does this include or predict actual information contained within your credit report.

This credit score tool is meant for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace checking your actual credit score. In addition this score estimator does not indicate approval or rejection of any loans, credit cards etc.

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