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This calculator is a useful tool to determine your monthly and/or yearly (or Annual) gross income based on hourly wage, or salary amount. Overtime pay can also be figured into this calculation if your average weekly hours are more than 40.

If you are calculating your income based on your salary, you must be sure to select the correct frequency of payment for this calculator to be accurate.

For example, lets say you get paid $1800 bi-weekly and want to figure your monthly and yearly income. Since bi-weekly means "every two weeks", on this calculator you would simply select "Fixed Salary" from the "how are you paid" drop down menu, enter your bi-weekly salary, select "Every other week" from the "If Salary" selection, then hit "Calculate Income" to view your results.

Another example would be if you are paid semi-monthly, then you would do everything described above, except semi-monthly means "twice a month". Since "twice a month" is not the same as "every other week", you would need to make sure the appropriate "frequency of payment" selection is made, in order for the calculation to be as accurate as possible.