Michael Jackson’s credit score was as bad as his nose job

Yesterday it was reported by the Examiner that in 2007, Michael Jackson’s average credit score was 563.67. I know, big shocker right? A score in this range would put him into the “sub-prime” category. No doubt the result of Jackson’s lavish spending habits with little cash to back it up.

If he wasn’t Michael Jackson, his credit score wouldn’t get him much in the way of loans, and if he was able to obtain new credit with a score that low, he would be paying extremely high interest.

We may not be as rich and famous (or infamous, in his later days) as Michael Jackson was, but at least most of us can take solace in the fact that we have better credit than he did!


  1. Franklin Gray

    I have worse credit than him. I’m not alone though

    1. admin Post author

      You are 100% right Franklin, you are not alone. Hopefully our site can contribute some helpful info/resources to help you improve your score.


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