With's free credit score service, you get your Experian credit score, along with your "credit report card" - for free, with monthly updates. The "credit report card" they provide is sort of a snapshot of your credit report data, not a full credit report. This report card comes with a letter grade of various aspects of your credit - hence the name "credit report card". It's a good basic way to view and monitor your Experian credit score, but is lacking the extra features some of the other ad-supported services have.

Pros: Free Experian credit score updated monthly, free "credit report card".

Cons: Free "credit report card" is not a full credit report, no report monitoring.

Standout Features

Trial Info None
Credit Scores Experian credit score
Credit Reports None
Credit Reports Monitored None
ID Theft Coverage None
Price Always free

Full Review’s “free credit report card” is a useful way to obtain your free Experian credit score on a monthly basis, and an effective way to get a general idea of how your credit rates on a letter grade scale. There’s no credit monitoring features and no full credit report is provided, but if you’re mainly concerned with your monthly free credit score, then this is a viable service.

Free credit score

With this service you will have access to your free Experian credit score, as well as monthly updates to your score. This is the main attraction for this service, with that said, it’s not packed full of features by any means, but it’s a quick and effective way to view your free credit score.

Free “Credit Report Card”

This service provides what’s called a “credit report card”, not a real credit report, but it does give you an overview of your credit data, as well as a letter grade for the important contents of your credit report, along with tips and recommendations on the factors that can affect your score the most.

It’s useful for getting a “snapshot” of your credit profile, but not to view the details of your credit report. For that you will have to look elsewhere.

Is’s Credit Report Card free?

Yes this service is completely free. They will push ads on you to upgrade to premium credit monitoring memberships, but if you resist those offers and just use their free service – there will never be a charge. It’s a very barebones service though, so even though it’s great to have a free credit score, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

ID theft protection/coverage?

No ID theft protection is provided with this service, not even basic credit monitoring. Look at our reviews of the premium services or even some of the other ad-supported services for this feature.

Bottom Line

This is a very simple and easy way to check and monitor your Experian credit score on a monthly basis, with the added benefit of the “credit report card” as mentioned above. This is one to check out if your goal is to specifically monitor your Experian credit score. Other than that it’s a very basic service and is not nearly as feature packed as some of the best ad-supported free credit score services out there.