Quizzle Review

This service is the only one of its kind to offer your FULL credit report with credit score for free, including updates every 6 months, with your 100% free membership. There are competing services which offer more features for free, but none offer your full credit report. So that's the big advantage of this one. Quizzle does have premium memberships available for a fee though, which provide many more benefits but can also get expensive.

Pros: Provides FULL Experian credit report and score.

Cons: Report and score only update every 6 months.

Standout Features

Trial Info None
Credit Scores Experian Credit Score
Credit Reports Experian Credit Report
Credit Reports Monitored None
ID Theft Coverage None
Price Always free

Full Review

Quizzle is the only service of its kind to offer your full Experian credit report with your free score, which both update every 6 months. But that is about the extent of the “credit monitoring” features they provide for free. There are options for upgrading to one of their premium services which include more benefits such as credit monitoring and other tools, but they can get expensive.

Free Experian credit report & score

At sign-up, you will receive your FULL Experian credit report and credit score, which is the biggest advantage of this service. You can update your report and score every 6 months – which if you compare it to the others in this “ad-supported” category, doesn’t really stand out as far as credit score monitoring. If you’re looking to monitor your credit score on a monthly basis, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to obtain your full Experian credit report with twice per year updates – this service is for you.

Is Quizzle really free?

Quizzle has different membership options, with the FREE option being the most attractive. So yes, your basic Quizzle membership is completely free, although the benefits of the free option could definitely be better. Bottom line is they offer a free way to view your credit report and credit score, and you can get updates to those twice yearly. As they say – it is what it is!

As mentioned above, there are upgraded premium membership options available which include many more benefits. But they come with a monthly fee, so that is out of the scope of this guide.

ID theft coverage?

Quizzle’s free membership does not provide any ID theft protection coverage. However, their premium memberships appear to offer the standard $1,000,000 coverage that typically comes with premium credit monitoring services.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a free way to view your full Experian credit report and credit score twice per year, Quizzle is for you. But for free credit score monitoring – there are definitely better options out there.