Privacy Guard Review

This is definitely one of the best. PrivacyGuard offers all 3 free credit scores with your $1 trial membership, along with daily credit report monitoring of all 3 bureaus and great ID theft protection services. Monthly credit score and credit report updates and the low monthly price after the trial, make this one a great value.

Pros: Monthly updates to all 3 of your credit scores and reports, low price after trial makes it a great value.

Cons: Our main gripe is the 14 day trial costs $1, instead of completely free. Still very much worth it though.

Standout Features

Trial Info 14 day trial for only $1
Credit Scores All 3 Free Scores with 14-day trial
Credit Reports All 3 Reports
Credit Reports Monitored Equifax, Experian & TransUnion
ID Theft Coverage $1,000,000
Price After Trial $14.99/mo

Full Review

Privacy Guard is a top notch service, definitely one of the most comprehensive credit and identity theft monitoring services out there. After sign-up you will get all 3 of your credit scores, along with daily 3 bureau credit monitoring with your 14 day trial. Not only that, updates to your scores and reports are available on a monthly basis, much more frequently than some other services of its kind. It’s a great service and an excellent value, we invite you to check it out and compare it to the competition.

Included Credit Scores & Trial

After sign-up, you will receive all 3 credit scores, with your 30 day trial membership. For a full 14 days, you can try the service and see if it fits your needs, this trial is only $1. During your trial, if you for some reason decide it’s not for you, just cancel and pay nothing more. You get to keep your credit scores just for giving it a try! As mentioned, there’s no free trial, but we believe at only $1, the 30 day trial is well worth it. And considering the low monthly price after your trial, it’s an excellent value.

Standout Features – Monthly Credit Updates, Norton Internet Security Online

While some competing services offer the same amount of credit data, such as 3 reports and 3 scores with daily monitoring, most don’t offer updates to your scores and reports on a monthly basis, Privacy Guard does! This is helpful if you’re trying to keep a close eye on your credit, and can also help with quicker fraud and identity theft detection.

A very unique advantage of being a PrivacyGuard member is the option of subscribing to a service called Norton Internet Security Online, at no extra cost to you. This service offers top-notch antivirus, antispyware, antispam and antiphishing protection plus additional features like email and instant messaging protection, password management and parental controls. These services go a long way in protecting you and your personal information while on the internet, the best part is these services are provided to you as no extra cost, for as long as you are a member of PrivacyGuard.

Credit Monitoring and Alerts

PrivacyGuard offers daily 3 bureau credit monitoring, and alerts you of certain changes to your credit report, changes that could indicate fraud or identity theft may have occurred. Regular monitoring of your credit reports is key to detecting this sort of activity early. If an inquiry is made on your credit report, or if a new account is opened, PrivacyGuard will send you an alert via e-mail to notify you of the activity, and if needed, get the help to investigate the matter. It’s good to keep a lookout for any changes that you are not aware of, such as new accounts you didn’t open yourself, to stay ahead of any potential identity thieves.

Identity Theft Resolution and Coverage

As a member of PrivacyGuard, you are entitled to an amount up to $1,000,000 of ID theft insurance coverage, if you become a victim of identity theft while enrolled in this service. If this should happen, you will be assigned a dedicated caseworker to help guide you through the process of restoring your identity. This can be a great help in the unlikely event that you should fall victim to identity theft, while enrolled in this service.

Bottom Line

With the benefit of receiving all 3 reports and scores after sign-up, plus monthly updates to those reports and scores (which is something that really makes this service stand out), daily credit monitoring and the inclusion of Norton Internet Security Online at no extra cost, at such a low monthly price and a 14 day trial for only $1, this is definitely a service worth trying.

Disclosure: euvkr.com has a financial relationship with PrivacyGuard whereby euvkr.com is compensated if consumers choose to enroll in PrivacyGuard via links on the euvkr.com web site.

Similar Services to Consider

This is an excellent service, especially for the features provided and the low price. However, if you would like additional identity theft protection services, you might want to consider Identity Guard. Identity Guard offers similar credit data and monitoring, but with a few additional ID theft protection services such as public record monitoring and internet black market scanning. Keep in mind, Identity Guard does cost more, and only updates your credit data every few months instead of monthly, like PrivacyGuard does. Both are great services at great prices, neither one is necessarily “better” than the other, which you should choose depends on what your needs are.