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Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have recently visited Church's Chicken, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Church's Chicken Survey (located at churchschickenfeedback.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Church's Chicken and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Church's Chicken receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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I love good fried chicken. And Church’s Chicken is (in my opinion) a very good fried chicken joint. But I also love saving money.

If you’re a cheapskate like me and like your fried chicken, this is the perfect opportunity! Just tell Church’s what you think about your past visits there, and get a discount on your next purchase!

Get started by visiting churchschickenfeedback.com, enter some basic info from your receipt, and click “Start” to begin the short survey.

Upon completion you will be given instructions on how to redeem the offer printed on your receipt.

Usually this will involve simply writing down a validation code on your receipt, or printing a coupon – both redeemable for whatever the offer is that’s mentioned.

Enjoy your savings on some delicious fried chicken!


  1. I visited your Restaurant # 2029 –at 1507 S. McColl Edinburg, Texas, it took me 50 minute to get 3-pc. Chicken Tenders and a Chicken Breast, Service was very lousy, your employees were just horsing around instead of paying attention on their work, and making sure that the foods was ready for the customers, I will never shop at any Church’s again, and the chicken tasted old

  2. Your service was wack
    Super slow almost 1 hours for our order
    We ordered a Family pack of wing and after one hour later they brung us 6 wings!!!!! Never again will I take my kids

  3. I tried to complete the survey which said I could do two per month. I’ve only done one but I was not allowed to do another. I visited Store No. 77 on 3/18/18 at 1:03 pm. I ordered the 10 piece legs and thighs. I love Church’s chicken and usually give great reviews when I visit store No 4341 in Independence. However, the product at store 77 was substandard to say the least. The chicken was barely warm and the crust was soggy. It appeared to have been under the warming light for much too long. Would not recommend this store and will probably not be going back there anytime soon.

  4. Went there tonight after work at 5:47, waited over 30 minutes, only three cars were ahead of me and finally got my food at 6:25. I never got my receipt, she never even gave me my change, but since she closed her window and it wasn’t that much I went ahead and drove away. The food was still good, but I was pretty disappointed in the service.

  5. Disappointed…. I always go to church..
    But lately I’ve decided not to go any more. Ordered mac and chez. Burnt and dried.. Fish was cold and dry.. Fries taste like day old.. Smh. The guy at register was not any help..#8763 in Avondale. They’re just lazy now. I will not recommend

  6. By far the worst food I have ever bought,the fish was burnt so bad could not eat it,the shrimp was microwaved so long it tasted like rubber, could not eat it,my cat would not eat it.the only thing I could eat was the biscuits.

  7. I visited Churches Restaurant only 2 times this month. I did the survey on ticket # 564629 at restaurant 7193 and go a validation code for that receipt on 1/24/2018. I also went to Churches Restaurant on 1/31/2018 at restaurant 7194, ticket # 653340. I tried to do the survey for that ticket to get a validation code and a message came on my phone and told me that I could only do 2 surveys a month per household. Ok, I understand that but I’ve only finished 1 survey with validation code for the visit on 1/24/2018. So, why in the heck can’t I do the survey for the 2nd visit on 1/31/2018? That’s crazy!

  8. I just entered survey info for store# 934.order# 556409 date 1-3-18.. I was cut off before getting confirmation #. Please text confirmation # to 901-387-7909. THANKS!!

  9. Your policy states 2 surveys per household per month. So why won’t your site let me do my second survey for the month of November 2017? Not cool!

  10. I most definitely wanted to do a survey after my visit at the drive thru yesterday but alas, I was not given a receipt. I’m sure for good reason.
    I tried to order one $5.00 3 strip meal with 1 side corn and 1 side fries. Out of corn she say’s. So I ask her what other sides are there? She say’s They’re On The Sign! So I order okra.
    Order the 2nd $5.00 one Sides are mashed potatoes and another okra because I don’t see the sides on the SIGN!
    So should have been 1 with fries and okra, 1 with mashed potatoes and okra. Original
    These are supposed to included a jalapeno popper and biscuit.
    What we got: 1 with mashed potatoes and a bag of okra. 2 of the 3 strips were spicey, not original.
    1 with 2 bags of okra
    No fries and no poppers, no fork for the mashed potatoes, just rudeness and total fail on order. Of course she didn’t give me a receipt.
    This is in Willis, TX Very soon Hartz Chicken Buffet will be opening here.

  11. Every time I try to give my feedback and get free leg, thigh or tender, site says my recent receipt has expired. Doesn’t sound like Church’s really wants to give its customers a freebie!

  12. Great personalized service…they knew what i wanted before i ordered0! Freshchicken that is..clean store..al smiles .andrea was so freindly and knowledge able..nice cook with great smile and great manager with excellent food.at store #10 san antonio texas

  13. I was so disappointed When I went online to do survey, was told I could not do survey because was allowed to only do two a month, never been told such a thing this is false representation, Have to find another chicken place.. Churchs is the looser


  14. I was there June 30, 2019 the I was there this time less than 5 mins and I was not told It will be 20 mins before chicken is ready. This was the first time within three months

  15. I went into churches in bham ala. Churches restaurant 142. The worker that took my order was very great. While taking my order. What happened while I was there was very disappointing. A guy worked there came in singing rap music and using so much profanity. I had to cover my kids ears up and send them to the car. I always eat and love churches chicken. He wasn’t dress like he was coming to work. The manager had asked him to go and fix his self up. Please get this churches chicken back to like it used to be. A family restaurant,. Thank someone who loves chicken.

  16. I think it is very good to be able to get the spicy chicken it is so wonderful .I love the chicken because it hot 😨 and fresh. I also like the regular chicken for it’s freshness, my family love regular but I put hot also.

  17. I bought some Church Chicken the food was hot it took less than 5 minutes before they wait me. everyone was nice and polite I had everything in the bag I don’t need the food will taste good

  18. i was there on 07/11/2017 around 8pm on the Riverside location there was a hispanic looking guy on the drive thru very polite, attentive, nice and fast moving. The line was moving fast they parked me and said tenders were going to take around 5-7 mins. they did took around 5 mins but i had everything i needed in the bag including napkins, sauces, gravy etc.

  19. Hello I have been trying to on the churchschickenfeedback.com but it will not let me.I have used my laptop,desktop,cellphone and it still will not let me take the suvey. I have even tried on the same day I get the reciept and it will not let me.

  20. I visited churchs yesterday and had a similar problem. I had to tell the lady 2 times at speaker then pulled around and she called the order out to me of course wrong order so i repeated again. If my. G.daughter wasnt begging for mashed potatoes i wood of told them to shoove it where the doesnt shine.when i got the food it was all wrong. Thanks for a bad experience. I personaly love churchs chicken but not y.terday.

    1. your lucky, got the mashed pot and had to throw them out, worst then the cheap instant ones, chicken sucked, now Kentucky friend chicken is so much better, had a new man there and he kept saying we are waiting on a delivery, waiting on a delivery, the crust on the chicken wouldn’t even stay on the chicken, should have ate there, cause then I could have taken it back for my money.

  21. I have no receipt. I was at Line and E.70th. They made use wait for 5 min before taking our order. Upon arrival to the window we had to repeat our whole order. The young lady said we had to wait on chicken, which was fine. Was asked to drive up. Order never was brought out. Upon arrival at the window again we had to repeat our order again (this make 3rd time). No kind of rush, it was only 2 guest inside and one other car. When I ask for a receipt none was given. They were very slow and Manger looked like she was moving even slower. Very bad customer service. Never will visit this location again.

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