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If you have recently visited Dairy Queen, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Dairy Queen Survey (located at dqfanfeedback.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Dairy Queen and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Dairy Queen receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
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If you have recently eaten at Dairy Queen and have also saved your receipt, they want to hear from you!

There should be a free or discounted offer printed on your receipt, to get that offer all you have to do is complete their customer satisfaction survey located at dqfanfeedback.com.

When your finished with the survey, just write down your validation code onto your receipt, then take it with you upon your next visit to Dairy Queen (DQ) to receive the offer mentioned on your receipt.

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  1. Tried to fill out the survey for the free Dilly bar. There is no 19 digit code on my receipt. Waste of time. Don’t advertise it if not willing to fulfill it.

  2. I tried to complete the survey, but it wouldn’t let me do it. New Albany, OH 43054 614-855-9133. 19:59 PM Also says 0850 and w/S#03 P1 on the receipt. 8/4/18.

    Can you give me a code for a free Dilly bar??

  3. I ordered in drive thru and when I placed the order I told them I have a hockey card. Usually when I get to the window I ask if they got the discount on there and they say if I mentioned when I ordered it is. So today I forgot to double check and the discount was not given to me. The food was hot Iโ€™m just ticked off.

  4. We have been DQ customers for over 21 yrs. since we moved to this little No.Woods town. I only get smoothies and buy 4 or more and freeze them. In the past 9 or 10 months or so it’s been a constant thing that NEVER fails and that is there is always 1 or more with little ice chips so you can’t drink it thru the straw! That is thru the whole cup and when you’re driving, it can be a bit scary. So of course I brought it to their attention ( quite a few times ) and that’s when one cocky teen at nite told me “if I did”nt like it go somewhere else”. I could”nt believe a place like DQ would be like that!! That’s when I did your survey last week and then in 2 days went to DQ and was told because I complained I was’nt going to be served there anymore!!!!! I fill out your survey and answer your questions honestly and I get blackballed forever. All I can do is shake my head and think “this is a business that needs alot of training in customer service”. Everyone I’ve spoken to agrees with me. signed, ex- DQ fan

  5. The survey would not accept information on receipt. What a waste of time. Aparently Iโ€™m not alone.

  6. I do not who handles the survey feedback. However you would not except my receipt for a free dilly bar. Everything i put was correct. Your company is giving false advertise ment. Trut me you have lost me as 2x weekly customer.

  7. Why is it that doing the survey feedback you have to use the code with receipt at the same DQ we stopped at.. That was terrible and we are traveling from fla to Georgia and I would not stop at that dq again!

  8. Upon reading all the comments, I can see I am not the only person having trouble validating my receipt for a birthday cake. All the information I post is correct, but your site seems to comment differently. Why not let your many customers know your promotion is over or you are too cheap to give out a free silly bar. Why start a promotion you can’t live up too.
    A very disappointed former employee of Dairy Queen

  9. It says 10 digit my code has 19 and doesn’t work I have complaint about DQ in Sandersville Georgia They are always out of something well today I ordered The chili dog combo the cashier asked if I wanted tried or onion rings then said we ain’t got no onion rings last time they didn’t have hotdogs and I pulled away from drive through reached for a fry and they were cold as ice. And thus is a fairly new restaurant no wonder the parking lot is always empty

  10. Can’t take the survey. The number on the receipt dose not work. We went to the Dairy Queen in Bethany, Missouri to get ice cream.
    We waited and watched as four large families ordered meals and got them. I finally had to ask if they would please check on our Sundays. After about 30 min. We were served, not going back ๐Ÿ˜ 

  11. I wish that you would give us a website that doesn’t take me to other survey sites. This survey does not work. Very disappointing as I love the DQ products. Would be nice if you would fix it. Some how it has changed because I was able to go to the website and do the survey without signing in or going to an alternate site. Maybe it was too successfull in the past, costing the company too much money!!!

  12. Ordered a snack wrap and took forever…finally Came and was the wrong one… ordered a new one and they forgot about it๐Ÿ–•

  13. survey cannot be completed or even started for that matter. No code on receipt to enter. This DQ #14381has good food and even better ice cream but the building needs to be condemned. It’s in a good location for lots of business but the parking lot has constant water standing in the big holes. It looks like a small pond. This is a health risk.

  14. No 19 digit number. No store number, just 541-592-2506. order AAADAGVLACBV on 4/5/18.
    see you at the meeting [brk/a here]

  15. Your damn survey doesn’t work !!!!! Last time I go to D. Q. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for WASTEING my time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Went to 2 different sites. Resulting in no way to accept my survey feedback. Why bother people with this farce?

  17. If you are going to say you have a entry give a way after filling in the survey why don’t you test the survey. I did it three times and all 3 times it said it did not work. I would like to get the free dilly bar since I go there all the time.

  18. We ate at the frankfort ky dq at 120 jett drive on my birthday I would like to tell you about a very special girl who waited on us her name is Heather W .She was working on taking orders and making ice cream orders to taking people their food and she was always smiling a very special girl I was very pleased with her and I made sure I told her what a great job she was doing when I left

  19. Tried to enter my receipts on separate dates as received, but each time was told invalid information. Hope this problem is resolved soon…..I have five receipts. Thank you!!


  21. I went to the DQ in Bellevue, Nebraska. It was1:11 pm Got home tried to do the survey, Couldn’t do the survey Cause the reciet was Military time which was 14:11 on the survey the time was not military. So It wouldn’t let me do it. So I got rob out of my Dilly Bar!

  22. Did not finish feedback. My receit didnโ€™t have a 10 digit code so I didnโ€™t get to do it. My husband celebrate every Oct 31st at DQ because thatโ€™s where he proposed to me 11 years ago. . We came for a banana split ands strawberry sundae.

  23. Did not get my sundae with my 5 dollar lunch. Decided to take the survey but said information was invalid . The phone number on my receipt was 000-000-0000. These surveys are a waste of time.

  24. Stopped at the Dairy Queen, 7798 Youree Drive, Shreveport, La. today, they were sooo busy and yet the young lady at the register was really polite and was trying to get everyones order done quickly, I called the location a few minutes ago and was told her name was Charlie, they could use more help there, maybe it was just the time of day that we were there, (2:52 pm}

  25. I did what the survey said what to enter and it came up that they said that they could not process my information!I wasted a friggin half hour doing this for a friggin Dilly barMy address is 704 Commonwealth Ave West Mifflin Pa 15122 Rich Seech!

  26. One staff showed an example of well serving customers. Her name was Hannah.
    Store was very clean and looked very organized.
    Fun place to go and eat meal and ice cream.

  27. We went to DQ yesterday for our lunch – which was 10 Chicken Strips plus one order of fries.. When we got home they had only given us 7 strips so we called and were told we could come in and get the 3 just give them our name. That’s fine – but now we have to make another trip there. The strips we received had been fried too long. DQ is stingy with the dip/dressing to dip the strips in. We get these strips – always 10, quite a bit. Time before this the guy said we could get 3 or 6 strips not 10 and when told we buy them like this all the time he said ok.

  28. In trying to do a survey for your company Dairy Queen the information I kept trying to put in such as the time the date and my phone number said it was invalid and kept saying invalid I realize that sometimes your system can be down but when I’m unable to take a survey makes me wonder if this is a false advertisement on your behalf when you advertise a free Dilly bar if you take the survey

  29. 2nd site I’ve tried to leave a survey. No code; No phone number on receipt. Seems you really don’t want feedback.

  30. My family and I go to DQ often. My wife enjoyed your sandwiches and milkshakes as do we all. Although very few places anymore make the sandwich the way you want it and make it right and their courteous and friendly every time. Thank you DQ for your quality!

  31. my family three kids my husband and my mother went to eat dinner at the DQ in MT Iron mn and we were all hungry and thirsty expecting decent service
    the pop machine didnt work all of the selections were wattery and everyone there was upset and waiting for them to address and fix the problem – we all started to complaine after 20 minutes, during that time they went over and looked but walked away several times, then one employe decided to tast all the soda and said all tast like water, yes we all knew that, hlf hour and still no drinks to wash down our food, no opologies no refund offered- nothing just rude incompetent staff,
    but being the optimist that i am i went there again taking my Son and mother and ordered dinner, my mistake staff is not in the least polite – my fries were barely warm much less hot and tasted old – so none of us ate our fries – the lettuce on our burgers were sloppy wet and wilted, this time the only thing good was the soda .
    my kids said they never want to go there again

    1. I would hope DQ corporate offered this family a refund for both times and did something about the DQ they frequented. That family is definitely owed an apology!! My family will never eat there!!! That was simply uncalled for and bad business, plain and simple! I hope others in the area read this and that DQ folds!!

  32. Went to the Dairy Queen in Winston Oregon we with some friends there was one patron in line my friend ordered then my husband and I. We sat down waited then we noticed that patrons were getting there prefers that had came in after us and it’s been 20 minutes for 2 blizzards, 1 dipped cone, and 1 shake. Our friend went to the counter and tried to get the attention of the person that took our order she walked by her said I’ll help you in just a minute. She came to the counter and my friend ask where our order was. She said oh it got bumped and then you were forgotten about. She then said we get your order out now. My friend said no can you just refund our obey. The staff member was going to return our money on my friends card and by that time my husband was at the counter and told her no that she needed to put our refund on on his card.” She said well you don’t have to be rude. I said I was sorry.” My husband said I don’t except your apology. Just refund my money. She then said we you can just leave and I’ll have someone bring it out to you and that she did have to refund his money. This really mad my husband mad. Asked for a manager and all she could do is laugh and refund his money. Then said sarcastically have a good day. Obviously the training that this member has been given is inadequate and she has been given a responsibility she can’t handle. My friends and I will never return to the Winston Oregon Dairy Queen that we have been going to for the last 24 years again.

    1. We went to Boardman Dairy Queen. They were nice and friendly. We go there all the time. In the Summer. I went to Boardman Dairy Queen. I went to Boardman Dairy Queen.

  33. Visit the store in Monett, Missouri frequently, the customer service and friendly people are a constant along with the good fresh food that is served.

  34. I have visited nearly every Dairy Queen in Washington and Oregon over the past 15 years. The one constant is the ice cream product, which, in my opinion, is the best value and most healthy. The smile on your employees faces when they deliver the Blizards is consistent, tending to make me smile with them while on my travels.

  35. I like all crew dq store at fairview terraces very friendly,lovable to costumer, faster to serve, always smiling, and alway clean the store I lub it ….. I enjoy eating any kind of product dq… ilub it push push push ……

  36. We wish to comment regarding your manager located at Skyline BVD. Cape Coral Florida
    his name is Ollie, as a former vice president for Shell Co. I could not help but notice Ollie ‘s out standing management skills, he went out of his way to thank employs for a job well done, he could also be seen clearing tables. His store is always clean to include restrooms. Ollie always greets customers with a smile, it is easy to see that Ollie enjoys his job and people around him, enjoy Ollie.

  37. I went to the D.Q. restaurant on Robert Angus Drive here in Amherst the Lady was very nice and polite and smiled at me. store number12197. very nice visit and service Food was hot also.

  38. I stopped at our D Q on my way home from my final radiation treatment today. The chocolate blizzard with cookie dough was a wonderful reward!

  39. We wish to inform you of our experiences at the Dairy Queen in Schulenburg, TX on 3-18-2017 at 5:19 pm. When we came in the door, there were 3 employees standing at the counter talking; there were no other patrons present. All of the employees immediately turned away and went out of sight. After a while, one girl came back and said she could not enter an order in the register, but she would tell the cook. We took a seat after getting drinks and waited and waited and waited. A different young man eventually came from somewhere and noticed us. He asked if we had an order coming. He got a ticket from where I assume the order had been sitting for all this intervening time and asked what we had ordered; then he brought us a cold meal. The burger was tasteless and the fries so cold they were tough. I could only eat a portion of my meal and my husband only a bite or two more. When I asked about the blizzard that came with the order, the girl was “put out” at having to fix them. I was “put out” that there were no bananas available to have a banana split one. What we eventually got was awful! As we sat there, others came and experienced much the same treatment. One man got only 2 out of the 4 tacos he ordered until he badgered them to complete the order. The young man (manager perhaps?) had asked repeatedly if the tacos had been made. One reply he was given was “I ain’t made nothin”. That person soon stormed out the door, protesting she had worked hard all day. That was not apparent to anyone of anyone in this store. In addition to the poor food and poor employees, the tables were un-cleared and the restroom was repulsively nasty. If this is the norm of Dairy Queen standards, you will not be in business very much longer. We would like to recommend that you made a trip to the Dairy Queen in Ganado, TX to actually see how a business should be run. Needless to say, we will never stop in Schulenburg’s Dairy Queen again, and if that had been our initial contact with a Dairy Queen business, we would never set foot in one ever again. You have a problem in your Schulenburg, TX operation that demands immediate attention!

  40. I was dining inside DQ 13932 and everything was fine ordering my meal. I was by myself and I had to use the restroom. While in the restroom the employee I guess brought out the food and no one answered him so he took the food back and put it on their counter. Well when I sat back inside at the table I started noticing there were 4 or 5 different guest getting there food that arrived after I had ordered. So I got up and asked about my food the employee said “Oh I came out but no one answered” so my food was cold and I told him and he said ” Oh I guess I can remake it this time”. Well I did not like his aptitude or the way he handle it. Also there was a out of order sign on the women’s restroom that stated out of order and it pointed them to the men’s room. However while there two women employee’s used the restroom. Was it broke or just a employee only restroom.

  41. we enjoy the dairy queen in port aransas, Texas we love the manager there, what a hard worker, so pleasant,, nice lady.

  42. Visited the DQ in Callaway Florida, Tyndall Parkway. Only one customer in front of me and my granddaughter with a cake. He said it’s going to be a wait & that he had been standing there for 6 minutes. We waited for another 4 minutes until someone attended to us. The cashier was outside on her cell, the other 4 or 5 people behind the counter just looked at us but offered no help. Finally, someone came to the register to take our order. She seemed mad because it wasn’t her job. The manager (I think) a large black male just seemed unconcerned. Worst service I have ever got and doubt that I’ll return. Somewhere else will take my money happily I’m sure. Ticket # F-0076 @3:47 hrs
    Not the first time that service was unsatisfactory.

  43. I tried to complete the survey, but I will not download another mege company on my computer.
    If i cann ot take the survey through DQ like you do at other s=establishments./
    I will not take it,

  44. Was at the 2795 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15227 location. With all the hype of the DQ funnel cake dessert, I thought I would give it a chance since it looked so good on the commercials. I was highly disappointed with the dessert. The portion size didn’t even measure up to what is being advertised. Had to wait 10 minutes for a crappy dessert. Here’s an idea DQ, stop… JUST STOP..with all the advertising of this menu item!!!!!!! Pay all this money and wait all this to get the bullshit dessert I got is NOT worth it!!!!!

  45. On 5-21-16 I went to Dairy Queen # 14381 to have a meal the service from the area manager Kelly Adams and the counter clerk Amanda was very attentive, the store was clean neat, yes i would have more meals hear. Thank you Dairy Queen.

  46. I went to DQ Elm Mott store # 14065, it was one of the best run and cleanest DQ stores I have seen, the counter girl, Samantha and the Manager Sandy were awesome, they worked together like they had been doing it for years! I was very impressed!

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