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If you have recently visited Dairy Queen, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Dairy Queen Survey (located at dqfansurvey.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Dairy Queen and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Dairy Queen receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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INTERESTING: here's what you need to do to complete dqfanfeedback.com survey

Who doesn’t love some Dairy Queen, right? If you have enjoyed a delicious meal or treat at DQ recently, they would love to hear about your experience. To complete the Dairy Queen survey and redeem the offer printed on your receipt, just visit dqfansurvey.com, enter the 19 digit survey code from your receipt, and click “Start” to begin. Upon completion you will receive a validation code, write the code down on your receipt to redeem the offer.


How do you get a free Dilly Bar?

Taking the DQFanSurvey and getting free Dilly Bar is easy, All you have to do is:Visit www.dqfansurvey.com from your personal computer or mobile phone. ... Enter the 19-Digit Survey code mentioned on the top of your receipt.More items...dqfansurvay.xyzDQFanSurvey - Dairy Queen® Customer Survey | DQFanFeedbackdqfansurvay.xyz

How much is a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar?

Dairy Queen (DQ) is a soft serve and fast food restaurant with over 5,700 locations....Dairy Queen Menu Prices.FoodSizePriceClassic TreatsPeanut Buster Parfait.39Banana Split.39ConeSmall.99103 more rowswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › dairy-queen-pricesDairy Queen Menu Prices - Fast Food Menu Priceswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › dairy-queen-prices

Does Dairy Queen have Dilly Bars?

Dilly Bar. Moorhead Dairy Queen Dilly Bars are hand dipped in Butterscotch, Cherry & Chocolate! ... Moorhead Dairy Queen Dilly Bar available in Butterscotch, Cherry or Chocolate.

Is Dairy Queen ice cream free today?

Get your free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen today. Dairy Queen is offering one free ice cream cone today — Wednesday — the first day of spring. People can get one free small vanilla soft-serve cone at participating Dairy Queen locations nationwide. Locations in malls are not included.

How do you get a free Dilly Bar?

Taking the DQFanSurvey and getting free Dilly Bar is easy, All you have to do is:Visit www.dqfansurvey.com from your personal computer or mobile phone. ... Enter the 19-Digit Survey code mentioned on the top of your receipt.More items...dqfansurvay.xyzDQFanSurvey - Dairy Queen® Customer Survey | DQFanFeedbackdqfansurvay.xyz

How much is a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar?

Dairy Queen (DQ) is a soft serve and fast food restaurant with over 5,700 locations....Dairy Queen Menu Prices.FoodSizePriceClassic TreatsPeanut Buster Parfait.39Banana Split.39ConeSmall.99103 more rowswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › dairy-queen-pricesDairy Queen Menu Prices - Fast Food Menu Priceswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › dairy-queen-prices

Does Dairy Queen still have Dilly Bars?

Dilly Bar. Moorhead Dairy Queen Dilly Bars are hand dipped in Butterscotch, Cherry & Chocolate! ... Moorhead Dairy Queen Dilly Bar available in Butterscotch, Cherry or Chocolate.

What is a Dilly Bar?

A DQ® classic! Soft serve with a delicious coating of chocolate, cherry or butterscotch.* *At participating locations. Nutrition Facts below show Chocolate only.

Where is the survey code on Dairy Queen receipt?

Enter DQFanSurvey – Step by Step Method to Take DQ Survey Visit dqfansurvey website. Enter the 19-Digit Survey code mentioned on the top of your receipt. If it's not there, The Offer is not available at that specific restaurant.

How do I report a Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1 (866) 793-7582.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Call Headquarters on (952) 830-0200.Follow Dairy Queen.Watch Dairy Queen.Tweet Dairy Queen.www.complaintsdepartment.com › dairy-queenDairy Queen Complaintswww.complaintsdepartment.com › dairy-queen

Are Dairy Queen's independently owned?

The independent franchise operators of DQ restaurants and their employees, together with American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), strive to provide customers with the best products and service possible.

Where is the Dairy Queen headquarters?

Dairy Queen's current home is 7505 Metro Blvd. in Edina, about a half-mile away from Normandale Lake.

How do you get a free Dilly Bar?

Taking the DQFanSurvey and getting free Dilly Bar is easy, All you have to do is:Visit www.dqfansurvey.com from your personal computer or mobile phone. ... Enter the 19-Digit Survey code mentioned on the top of your receipt.More items...dqfansurvay.xyzDQFanSurvey - Dairy Queen® Customer Survey | DQFanFeedbackdqfansurvay.xyz

How do you get Blizzard for free?

You can get a free Blizzard for doing next to nothing. Download the DQ mobile app, and sign up for the reward program. (A name, email, and phone number is all that's required.) If you're new to the app, you'll get a totally free small Blizzard.


  1. LHW

    Have had 2 receipts! Staff did not even know which site I should search for to take the survey and NOW that I have found it…It does not work!!! You should give me the FREE Dilly Bar item for my time and inconvenience!!

  2. Sheldon Otto

    I go every day to a DQ in Red Deer for a milkshake. Your Dilly Bar states that if you fill out the survey within 3 days, you will get a free Dilly Bar. I fill out the survey code and get a pop-up saying I had received a Validation Code within the last 15 days and it won’t give me a new validation code.
    Please explain why this is happening.

  3. C.Shamp

    A few minutes ago we ate @ Msvl, Wa DQ.
    Tried to do survey&wouldn’t take 19 digit code…
    Kept erasing last three numbers.
    Tables&washrooms clean.
    Food nummy.
    Appreciated being able2 substitute fresh mixed salad for greasy,unhealthy fries.
    Carmel saucell sticky like I like it!!
    How do I get my free Dilly Bar???


      There is no code on the receipt. The only number is the telephone number of the Dairy Queen we visited that number is 352 754 9333. The meal was good value but there is a member of staff there that has an attitude problem. She was quite rude.

  4. Nancy Wysocki

    This survey from your Medford, N.Y. Restaurant for a free Dilly Bar is a scam! It asks for a 19 Digit Code on the receipt & it is nowhere to be found!😡My husband also has a survey & he has the same problem!

  5. Angelo Davis

    The survey site SUCKS!!!! It does not accept the survey code!!! I WILL NOT PATRONIZE THIS BUSINESS ANYWAY!!! IT HAS EXTREMELY BAD SERVICING ANYWAY!!!

  6. Semea

    The Dairy Wueen at 703 Little York road has very bad customer service I waited over 10 minutes for 3 cones and didn’t even get s lm sorry for your wait. What ever happens to please dtive up and l will bring your order out, so I can take care of the next person in line. Smh then l had to ask for a receipt. The receipt didn’t even have a survey code so I can comment about my visit. Wow really.

  7. Cheryl Thomas

    I entered the survey code and your system would not take it so I guess I will not be purchasing from your business any time soon or ever since I was unable to redeem the free dilly bar.

    1. James Morris

      Wound not take my code, I guess they really don’t want a review. So I will do it anyway. 10/2917, 1524.
      The sandwiches we ordered, were damp and looked as if ran over by a car in the drive thru. The first and only cashier (Antonio) was less than friendly and would not even respond to my wife being VERY polite saying thank you etc. She could not eat the sandwich and ordered another which was even worse!!

      We have gone to this store many times (PLU 25352) Goodyear AZ. on McDowell. At one point as customers poured in the line backed up to the doors and moved very slowly. A customer reluctantly took a booth which was very dirty, they all were. He went tot he counter and asked that it be cleaned and the attendant came out with a grey, stinky, rag and gave the table a swipe, then walked right passed every other filthy table in the place. The floor was dirty, the walls had shake etc. on them it was the worst I have ever seen it.

      After some time we could hear what I can only assume was the manager directing people to do this and that in the front as the wait was now long. A new cashier was installed who was very friendly when I asked for a bag to take home my road kill lunch. I would have thought, the other cashier (Antonio) would be coming out to clean the lobby….. WRONG, no one cleaned it the entire time we were their, and those few who came out did not even pick up all the numbers sitting all over the tables…

      It is sad because I always liked DQ since childhood and knew it was not a typical smash burger gotten elsewhere. This has changed, so now we will being spending our money at another place who show they care about their product and atmosphere.

      The store in Sun City is very nice and they are always happy. So not all places are going down, but I will not drive across town for DQ or anyone else. So if you are in the Goodyear area, I do not advise the DQ on McDowell past Dysart, it is terrible!!!! A complete and total waste of your money. We give many reviews of places we go and I really take no pleasure doing this but, it is not fair to other customers, and I always have and will “Call it as I see it”.

    2. Stu

      No 19 digit code on the receipt . But the DQ in Washington Missouri was the BEST I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating there. I’ve been in DQ’s all over Missouri and this one was the cleanest, the staff was friendly, and helpful, service was faster than any other DQ I’ve been to. The Food was good and hot.

  8. Brenda Brown

    My receipt says I can get a free dilly bar if I do the survey, only my receipt doesn’t have a 19 digit code.

  9. John

    The DQ in Lenexa, KS did not put the double cheeseburger I ordered in my bag. The location was not busy. The traffic was too heavy for me to turn around. I called and they offered only a coupon for the missing item. What good are the fries now that are part of the combo meal. I feel cheated now. I tried to complete the survey and it appears when I called they took the initiative to complete it for me. I got the reply that I cannot fill out another survey right now. Just a notice to all when visiting this location. Check your orders before leaving the drive thru.

  10. sheree

    The 19th digit is only because if you try to do the survey before the 3 days,after that it will ask for the 10 digit code and then you can do the survey.

  11. Marilyn

    I have had things go wrong on these,but this one has proved to be a good one.I have redeemed 6 receipts and gotten 6 dilly bars.Some receipts do not have a validation code on them.

  12. Richard Seech

    Dairy Queen sucks! The frigin survey doesn’t work.McDonalds ice cream is just as good and half the price. Please send me a few free
    .coupons for some dilly bars.This is fourth tim

  13. Tobby Blackwood

    Went to dq @ Prattville Am. Ordered the chicken finger basket. Had to take my receipt back because they have my order to someone else and after 30 min. I got my food. Tried to take the survey entered the code and it would not accept it. Your site sucks.

  14. Jack Jaynes

    Like the rest have said, don’t work another scam I guess. Here is the number I was given 011282-7430078-944514. I usually don’t care about this type of thing, but don’t insist I do this and then give nothing in return. I guess I will go get a FROSTY!

  15. Michelle Baker

    I am so disappointed. I got my receipt out from having dinner there the other night, and there is no code or anything on my receipt. I was so excited for a dilly bar, love them!!! Geez, dairy queen, what a way to torture someone!!

    1. j

      I have more of a problem with the ‘vip’ card….no room on ‘missing’ a week. NONE. I was told they only ‘set’ aside so many gurgers per week; by how many ‘vip’ cards they sell. I did ask, then who eats the burger that I didnt get, I was told it was still a GOOD value.

  16. Sara Fuller

    About 5 months ago made a purchase in Okeechobee FL and didn’t try to get my Dillly bar until several weeks later and was successful in Calvert City, Ky.
    So thought that maybe was the reason I was not able to complete the survey today with a number from a new DQ in Paducah, Ky but guess after reading the comments today it’s just not the reason.

  17. Roxanna Lunsford

    I have been trying to get a valadation code since 8/22/17 and can not get the site to accept it. Never had this problem before.

  18. Kassie

    The receipt survey code is cut off would like to leave feed back but sad when only the first 2 sections are visible

  19. Emma Byrd

    Hey I accidentally looked at the wrong receipt when I was filling out a survey and accidentally used the wrong employee name. I used. The name Bethany when really it was Jennifer who helped us and was so great. ( nothing against Bethany but it was Jennifer who helped us so…) This was in Laramie Wyoming on 3rd st. Idk if there’s a way to get that info attached to my survey but yep. That happened

  20. Kevin Loyd

    Have never had a problem doing my survey and have enjoyed at least three dilly bars including one last night. Wish the survey was for a blizzard.

  21. Dave T

    I don’t know what so many people are complaining about. They must not be able to read. I had no problem putting in the survey code and completing the survey.

  22. Marge

    Survey does not work — says I need a 19 digit code, but no such code found on receipt. Another time I tried it said I had already done the survey and could only complete it every 15 days. What is that about? DQ doesn’t seem to mind taking my money more often than that for their food. Think I will go back to Subway where they are very generous with their free cookies for completing the survey!!!

    1. CHUCK

      Same here Marge. I have no 19 digit code on my receipt so I can not do it and the lady at their restaurant said I would get a free Dilly bar for doing it.

  23. Connie

    So Dairy Queen… Are you going to do something about this?
    I have tried your survey three times and it will never let me complete it.
    So I take the time as you perceive to want the feedback… but I can’t get it to you…

  24. Marian

    I’ve been reading through everyone else’s comments, and unfortunately it’s the same for me. The survey code does not work and says that they are sorry but the information I am entering in is incorrect. It’s not. While we are on the subject of cleanliness, every time I visit the Dairy Queen in New Albany Indiana Highlander Point, I have had had to ask for rags to wipe the dirty tables. I know every place is low on health and has call ins, but you can do not expect people to sit down at dirty tables. Not a clean one to pick from. However, I want to come in to Corey at the front of the line taking orders from our special needs clients. He absolutely went above and beyond and out of his way for all our needs with their food and ice cream and the presentation. He is a wonderful person and a heart of gold.

  25. Helen Kitchen

    I attempted to do your survey, but it said the information entered was not correct.
    I tried three times to no avail

    My Survey Code is 417104-7000006-763911

    This was a Lexington Ky DQ.

    I expect a reply with a validation code

  26. George Rubin

    This survey thing does not work. Visit DQ in Bonita Springs Fl at least every week.
    Love my Blizzard and my free Dilly Bar.
    Here are my Survey Codes
    Please email something to get my three Dilly Bars or I will not return to DQ

    1. rita

      the site says only one survey per household. and if its expired after 3 days it wont let you enter it or anymore for that matter

  27. me

    Horrible service… If I had an employee like the 3 that were on duty this day… I would have fired all of them…. one texting…. it was really a chore for one of them to serve us…………….

  28. Sue Gauerke

    My husband and I visited the DQ Grill & Chill in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Saw the add about the survey. We Both had the $5 chicken tenders. They were very good. But now I was going to do the survey for the free dilly bar. Our receipt has NO 19 digit number to enter. I guess I am a loser. To bad we love dilly bars and the food.

  29. chet YANASE

    Today was the absolute worst service I have ever received from any food to go restaurant. I ordered 2 of the cheeseburger 5 buck lunches. What did I get. chicken strips. No napkins, no drink carrier, had to ask for a receipt. My receipt did not have the necessary numbers so I could do the survey. Also ordered chocolate milk and got plain milk.

    All this after waiting in line 6 or 7 minutes just to put in the order. This happened at the DQ on Redwood Hwy in Grants Pass, Oregon Sunday afternoon about 3 pm. I doubt I’ll be returning any time soon. I usually eat at DQ about once a week and notice the service at this DQ is steadily going downhill.

  30. Cheryl Freeman

    Visited the DQ in Phenix City Ala today and was very disappointed in the food. Fries were cold and the chocolate dipped cone hardly had any ice cream on I I
    it. I tried the 16 digit code on the survey sight and it was not working. After reading the reviews it seems this is a ongoing issue. We also ate in the dining room and had a hard time finding a clean table. They were not busy I know the workers had to see the tables needed cleaning. Not a good way to start out when you just opened.

  31. Christine Bixler

    Very disappointed. Went through the drive thru at the East Liverpool, oh store. Ordered ice cream cones. The ice cream wasnt frozen. It did not cone looking like the usual “tiers” with the swirly on top. It was melting everywhere already when he handed it to me and it basically looked like a pile of sludge sliding down the sides. What a mess!

  32. Glenda Bailey

    I have been to DQ several times and it won’t let me post the codes on website. I talked to the manger about these and she said would find out why it is happening. Went back a few days later and she said she can’t find out nothing. Need to make these good. I have 6 that needs fixed.

  33. Sally

    I can not enter my code # either-come on guys it’s just a darn dilly bar and our local DQ In
    Harrisonburg,va. are not very friendly they stare at you all the time especially the one on harmony square

  34. Susan Parrtomes

    Usually eat once a week here. I tried doing the survey so my grand daughter could get her free dilly. It will not allow me even entered survey code. No wonder no one uses their coupons.

    1. rita

      I go lots to DQ as well but I was reading on the survey site that is only one survey per household. which sucks because I go atleast 2-3 times a week to get a drink to meals. don’t think that is right. it use to let you enter as many receipts you had so don’t know why the change?? Also it was never strict on the 3 days to enter your survey, now after your 3 days has expired it wont let you enter the code anymore.

  35. Leon Kinnison

    Dairy queen in girabaldi oregon. I watched a counter person eat fries out of a customers to go order. Also, a,different customer tried to exchange an item. The manager listed some long process and made the statement that it would take least ten minutes to correct. I ordered a burger and waited the ten minutes from the above mentioned for a small burger and half of the fries in the container.

  36. A J

    I guess we are only allowed to go to DQ every 15 days, they don’t want to give away to many Dilly Bars Need to change survey to read must complete survey every 15 days.

  37. M C Bass

    The receipt says complete survey in the next three days, but I can’t because it says I have to wait 15 days??? I don’t have any of these problems with McDonald’s

  38. Patricia Gamboa

    We just went to DQ South in Pueblo CO and I had to repeat my order 3 times and they finally repeated it back right but they totally needed up the order. I wanted to do the survey for feedback but the receipt printed so poorly I could t read the 19 digit code. Smh…and the cashier was rude.

  39. gary

    I am using a library computer. Your message reads that I have recently completed a survey. the last one I did was just after Christmas in LA. maybe I should start using Mc Donalds, or Burger King or several other stores.

  40. Anna Taylor

    I have been to DQ several times and didnt get a receipt. There was one time they didnt give me back my debt card.

  41. Janice Terry

    I ate today with my granddaughter at Dairy Queen. It would not let me do the survey since I did one yesterday. It said I had to wait 15 days!!! When did you add this????/

  42. Cindy

    I eat at dq at,least 3x per week but you are only going to allow me a dilly bar survey once every 15 days?? You have no problem taking my money 3+,days a,week but only reward me with the survey 1x every 15 days….go,figure. Does this mean I should find someplace else to frequent multiple times per week? And only shop dq 1x every 15 days like they want to reward my feedback with a dilly bar??

    What a shame!!!

  43. kevin cundiff

    Always clean.
    Always suggestion for extra items.
    Bathroom low or out on toilet paper.
    good values on meal deals.

  44. Laurie Lake

    The survey asks for a 19 digit survey code. The code on my receipt has only 14 digits and ends in a capital S. I read that others have had the same issue. Is this going to be corrected? This is very disappointing. Chick-Fil-A conducts the same type survey and I’ve enjoyed several free chicken sandwiches for completing.

    1. Sally

      Chick fil a has made changes tho Not to many free sandwich anymore-I bet Trudett Cathy is turning over in his grave at the way the sons have let chick fil a go down

  45. Sandra Bowers

    We go to DQ at least 3 times a week. Have had the $5.00 lunch and it is GREAT. The blizzards we get are so good we try to taste them all. The service was AWESOME.

  46. eugenio pannozzo

    Hello can’t take this survey because my receipt does not have a 19 digit code sorry can’t help you need to check this one out

    1. Gerb

      My receipt didnt have the 19 numbers either. And what is with having 19 numbers. I thought they wanted our opinions not test our memory and sight focus.

  47. Monte Owen

    I went by DQ in Clay, Alabama after church and had a terrible experience. I went through the drive thru and ordered a number one without mustard and ketchup. I waited at the drive thru window for 15 minutes watching workers playing around and not really doing anything. It wasn’t crowded so I know they didn’t have much to do but get my order. When I finally got someone to come to the window I was told that my order was coming right up. When I got it I first noticed that the burger was so hot I couldn’t even hold the bag. It felt like it had been put in a microwave and heated on high for a few seconds. My burger wasn’t a number 1, but a bacon burger with only ketchup and mustard, which were he two thing I asked them not to put on my burger. I got no lettuce, or tomato. The fries were not even hot, so to say I had a bad experience is an understatement. You guys need a major overhaul, and training like they do at Chick-Fil-a.

    1. Julian

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience, but let me tell you about my recent experience at the DQ in Kyle, Texas. It is by far the cleanest, most professional and friendliest fast food restaurant I have ever experienced. The staff are adults and give customers the courtesy and service they deserve. What impressed me the most was how shiny clean everything in the facility was maintained. I witnessed one of the staff members wiping tables with a clean white cloth, not one that’s dirty and dingy that’s been used for days without washing. Even the restroom was shiny clean. Take my word for it, most DQ’s I have visited are favorable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any bad ones. Any how, When traveling, I will always stop at any DQ. It’s like a Texas stop sign. I love DQ.

  48. bonnie cendejas

    my receipt did not have the id on the receipt either..
    Would like to have done the survery..Kathy & Greg were great at the Glenwood DQ.

  49. Thomas Mason

    This was the worst visit I have ever had at a dq.we waited 20 min for are order,we order 2 sundries and a order of onion rings.Three people came in after we did and they got there order.

  50. Teresa Taylor

    Awesome service and they greet you which is a MOST to me. Thank you DQ in Unadilla, GA.; Team Lakeisha, Nikki, & Flake

  51. trudy ritchie

    if you only lhave two people to work a shift, rotation, or whatever you want to name it, you should be able to have your franchise open a minimum of hour s per day. this is the American way, warren buffet would be upset even by a small franchise of this caliber is not open each day a minimum of 8.0 hrs. to say the least. if nothing else have the convenience store operation as a back up or is that not. possible?????????????????????????

  52. Sandi Coobs

    My receipt has only a 16 digitnumber just below the center of my ticket. It is cut off just after the words Validation Code. Now how can I enter this information?

  53. rebecca Garber

    I was trying to do the yourfeedback.to but I could not find the survey id at all on the recept


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