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If you have recently visited Firehouse Subs, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Firehouse Subs Survey (located at firehouselistens.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

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  1. My wife and myself visit the Firehouse in Chula Vista, Ca / 510-B Broadway, 91810. The employees always welcome us in and speak to us all the time, Very friendly ladies . They explain everything that goes on the sandwich before we purchase . We go there every Thursday . Kind of like a treat for us after working hard all week . I always have good service as well as my wife . And when we are leaving, always a, have a great day or good evening . That is what I expect out of a great Sub shop .

  2. Went to Firehouse sub at pepperell parkway suite 7
    ordered a veggie
    and an engineer to go.
    Should have checked before I left:
    med meatball and large meatball.
    No food for me I ordered the veggie. We were 25 miles from the store.
    Manager did say they would give us a free large sub the next time we are there, nice but I’m hungry.

  3. On Friday night the 23rd of March, I visited the Firehouse Subs on Calhoun Memorial Hwy, to get the Club on wheat. I was never welcomed to Firehouse like I am at other Firehouse locations, the only person who spoke to me was the person that took my order. I placed my order at 7:54 pm and got my drink and went to the restroom and came out expecting my food to be ready. it wasn’t so I went to a table near the door and waited and waited some more, I noticed a woman cleaning the walls and was told not to sit there that they had black ants, not exactly what you want to hear in a restaurant. I still didn’t have my food and asked her to see why I hadn’t gotten it, because everyone who had come through the door after me, had theirs. She came back and told me they do them in order, I said no they have not I had been there about 10 minutes already, I told her just to give me my money back, so she told me to go to the register to see the manager. He never told we’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. I will not ever go to that Firehouse again.

  4. The last Firehouse Sub restaurant we visited is the one on #1 in Columbia. We usually order the pepper and steak sub and split it — it’s plenty for both of us. It is very tasty, the people who work in the restaurant — every one of them we have visited — have been very helpful, nice, and does not rush us to complete our order. Food is fantastic. We visit quite often.

  5. Order #161127. Date 8/17/2017 7901 Falls of Neuse Rd. ste 133 Raleigh, NC 27615 A great place to eat. Always clean, friendly crew, and the best subs anywhere. When we are in the area we will eat here knowing we will get a quality hot sub, and will sit at a clean table and get drinks from a clean dispenser. Highly recommend this Firehouse.

  6. First visit in York, PA. We were satisfied except being new, did not know we had to get our chips ourselves & did that. Great food & service was tops.
    I am looking forward to one coming to Hanover, this fall.

  7. Have been to the Firehouse Subs in Paducah, KY. Several times. Always have had good service and good food. Will be going back and recommending it to others.

  8. Just went to firehouse subs at 201 University Oaks Blvd in Round Rock Texas. Had the New York Steamer–it was excellent but not worth waiting the 30+ minutes it took to get to us. They said they were slammed–seems like you might tell people when they come in that the wait will be 30 minutes or more!!! That would be customer service and then you can make the decision to wait or go somewhere else.

  9. went to firehouse subs on Irby st in Florence SC…very good food an service…plan on returning soon.

  10. went back to firehouse sub after a bad experience [1] yr ago . They got the order all wrong, skimpy and expensive.Tonight it was the same. out of [3] orders they got ONE half right. Took the guy forever to type it in, which he got right. Took forever to make them and all WRONG!! $20.84 cents I could have had full course dinners at Texas Roadhouse for this price. I plan to complain about this one. Wesley Chapel Fl

  11. Stop complaining about things you can not change or help and go to the Firehouse in Orem, Utah located on University Parkway and State Street. They are excellent and outstanding service; they deliver to your table whether you are eating in or taking home. They have one of those multi-drink machines, all-in-one. You can get a cookie or a brownie for dessert and/or go next door to get some delicious frozen yogurt.

  12. I drive out of my way for a Firehouse Sub. I use my Aroundme app to help finding them when I’m out of town . The staff is always curtious and attentive . My food always is delivered the way I ordered it. In other words ” I’d drive a mile for a Firehouse”!

  13. Had a coupon for $2.00 off a combo and this was my first visit to Firehouse Subs. Staff was very friendly and took my order immediately. I had a sandwich to go with chips and a drink. When I picked up my order and got home there were no chips. If I was supposed to get them myself I would have appreciated being told. Other than that I enjoyed the sandwich and would go there again.

  14. Twice, my wife and I have tried to order food at your store in the Target shopping center,
    off the Marsha Sharpe Freeway in Lubbock, Tx.
    Twice, we left without ordering due to untrained personnel at the register.
    They keep asking us questions that cannot be answered by us but should be
    known by the employee. Then, I noticed that the person at the register is wearing
    latex gloves operating the register and then goes on to prepare food with the same

  15. Best fire house ever
    In the world. Me and my grandmother have been to firehouse sub’s many times. They let me talk about my vacation . they are very nice people.

  16. That was the worse hook & ladder sub I’ve ever got from a Firehouse in my life, it was cold, lite on the meat, tasted blan just a sorry excuse for a sub. And not to mention it cost $25.00+ for me and my wife’s subs, I can say I’ll never go back to a firehouse subs again and will tell all my friends & family not to. The worse Firehouse I’ve ever been to in 20 yrs – 1855 Cassat Ave Jax, Fla 32210 don’t go there.

  17. I don’t understand people who give you and your establishment bad feedback, I have been going there ever since they opened in Augusta, Ga. and the service there has been superb and the food has been wonderful.
    I, personally, could not give you a high enough rating on your service or your wonderful food or your cleanliness or your friendly service. I will continue to go there for a long time to come. All my good wishes to you and all your future business.

  18. dear Sirs
    I am a diabetic and I went to one of your location in Santa Fe N.M thinking that it would be a good place to eat and I found that most all of the food was processed and had that kind of taste.
    The thing that was surprising was when I went to take my sugar level it had jumped a lot.
    I would suggest that you might put the sugar amounts with the col. of the food that you are selling as this will help people like me from getting in a real problem with sugar.
    Lee Waite
    take care and God bless

  19. Best Subs ever!! Everyone there is awesome, very friendly and helpful!! Thanks finally for a great tasting and different kinds of subs to choose from!!

  20. Dear Firehouse Hi Uppers,
    The Firehouse in Speedway IN. has always been fabulous in both service and food. My friend and I make it a weekly occurrence to frequent it for both. It’s nice now but when it gets closer to the 100th running of the Indy 500 I hope the Manager hires more help because I (think) know he’ll need it. Good luck. John M.

  21. Truly enjoyed my LG BRSKT sandwich and the customer service was awesome. I always enjoy visiting the Scenic HWY location in Snellville Ga.

  22. I have been eating at the firehouse for several years, my wife and I have never been disappointed with any of the sandwich we have had. We eat there twice a week.

  23. went to fire house sub many times the people thier are so pleasant. the place and bathrooms are spot less .as for the food we had meatbal heros on white bread it wa delicious we also have had itlain combos it was great . soon we be having brisket of beef my son told me it was great i really enjoy eating at firehouse and we go fairly often . i recomend it to my friends and family thanks firehose for having such a great and clean place to eat. DALE A GEE

  24. It’s not only great food. It’s always clean. And It’s the personal way your employees handle themselves. We are always made to feel welcome,,that’s another reason we keep returning. And Yes the food is excellent no matter what our choice happens to be.. soup. Salad .Sandwich . chili. Chicken salad..we have never been disappointed in any item we have ordered. Hats off to all involved in making this a wonderful place to visit.

  25. I was in your restaurant on 11-2-2015. I had taken my daughter and grandchildren out to lunch. The food was SUPERB. No complaints from our family. The staff couldn’t have been any friendlier to my family and myself. Kudos to the chefs and all the staff. Again thank-you for an enjoyable time spent with my family. Our order number was 178579 .

  26. Fantastic sub, more meat than other sub shops have on their subs.The server did an excellent job. The only drawback I experienced was the way the counter is constructed, making it impossible to watch as my sub sandwich was being put together. The flavor of the meat was so good, and like I mentioned before, more meat than I ever expected…I will visit again


  28. Order # 20341 Date 9/30/15 Time 5:36 p.m. Cashier Justin L. Location 6025 E. Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga, Tn. Amount Paid $11.74 While I waited for tea to be made, I sat my cup on a table and turn the ice over out of my cup. I asked for a rag to clean it up and the young man at the counter asked another employee to clean it up there were people and children that could have slipped down so I grab the rag and cleaned it myself then another employee put a broom and dust pan next to the window and walked away leaving the ice on the floor. So I grabbed the broom and quickly swept up the floor from ice. The employees behind the counter never lifted a finger to make any attempt to help me other than getting a rag and broom and dustpan. As I was cleaning up the rest of the mess I noticed that all the tables were dirty and there was no House hot sauce in the bottles for your sandwich this is the house hot sauce that is your trademark sauce ( I love it) so I placed the empty bottle for the young man to refill he pushed them back empty and gave me my order and I left. I got home and opened my sandwich and was sick to see that your standards were not met. The meat was on one side of a large sandwich and no mayo the lettuce was brown from sitting to long, tomatoes wilted and onions past there prime. WOW! needless to say it went into the trash. Thank you for listening. Firehouse subs have always been my favorite until now. I have to question going back.

  29. Went to firehouse by Verizon everything was wonderful, this one you couldtake it or leave it. Had #8 no onions, no spicy mustard, had hard time holding it together and not enough mushrooms. Will go to the one near Verizon.

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