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If you have recently visited First Watch, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the First Watch Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

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Have you recently enjoyed a meal at FirstWatch Cafe? Then they want your feedback, and will reward you for your time and effort! Just tell them what you think and get the offer printed on your receipt. Just visit, give them your opinions, and record the validation number on your receipt to receive the offer stated on your receipt. Enjoy your next visit to FirstWatch!


  1. Nevercomingback

    Don’t go if you want fast service. Nor knowing the policies (apparently you have to be seated by them), I sat at a booth, hoping for a cup of coffee. Waitresses scurried by, it wasn’t rush…it was 10:30 am on a weekday…but NO ONE NOTICED I WAS SITTING! After 10 minutes of being ignored, I went up front. This was my convo with the waitress there:
    Her: Can I help you?
    Me: Yeah..I was sitting and waiting to be waited on.
    Her: Well, we seat you.
    Me: Yeah, but I’m leaving now. You could have grabbed me, one of you could have seen me, but no. I wasn’t worthy of your business.
    Her: Oh, I can seat you now!
    Me: Nope. You lost me. Bye!

  2. Florence Gail

    I have been having lunches at First Watch in North Miami Beach, FL. since the day it opened. I go at least one day a week. They have an “amazing” Menu there. The atmosphere is “cozy and rustic”. The service is “fast and great”. They always have these $2.00 coupons each time you go (for the next visit). I love First Watch and there is no way you could be disappointed with the one in North Miami Beach, FL. !

  3. Stephanie L Simpson

    My first visit to First Watch will be my last. A friend and myself decided to try First Watch after she had some tests at the hospital. We ordered the Crab/Asparagus Omelet and all we could taste was the overpowering taste of fish. I love seafood and eat it on a regular basis, but I do not want a strong “Fishy” taste. I also thought the prices were very expensive considering breakfast came to a total of $33.00. We could have had dinner for that price. I have no objection to paying a good price for a good meal but I was very disappointed with First Watch.

  4. Dolores Hale

    Delicious food, unique menu, and extraordinary service. We have lunch there several times a week, and will miss the Venice location when we travel north.

  5. Mrs C

    Waiting over 30 min and name still not called this is too irritating. Looks like white is first in this restaurant! Smh. Never again


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