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If you have recently visited Jack In The Box, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Jack In The Box Survey (located at jacklistens.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Jack In The Box and saved the receipt.

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Jack In The Box is currently seeking customer feedback. They are even willing to reward you for your opinions with money savings coupons. All you have to do is tell them what you think using their Customer Satisfaction Survey, and enjoy the discount on your next purchase.

How to get rewarded for your opinions with Jack In The Box:

  1. Have a recent receipt from Jack In The Box available
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  1. On October 02 2018 I went to your store 3054 in Imperial CA to eat. The experienced I received was very unpleasant. In order to provide more in detail. Please contact me at 760-370-0362. I would prefer to be someone that speaks Spanish. Thank you.

  2. Wow! I was going to complain about not getting my extra hash brown I ORDERED THIS MORNING BUT AFTER READING SOME OF THE OTHER COMPLANTES I’ll just say thank you for getting the rest of my order correct and be done. BTW: I eat a your place 3 to 4 times a week.

  3. It seems that some of your staff need to know English a lot better to do their job, ar least where I live in Nothern California. Some staff also need a great deal of training around food allergies! THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE AS IN RESULT YOU CAN MAKE SOMEONE SERIOUSLY ILL OR EVEN CAUSE THEIR DEATH!!! At my last visit to Jack in the Box I told the person twice and so did my son. It was said to the employee four times, “No Cheese or Butter, their is a milk allergy.” We left the restaurant only to find cheese on it and have to turn around and go back. It was kind of ridiculous. Thank God my kid looks at his food before he eats it! It’s not just that they messed up the food, which happens more often and is a legitimate prwoblem on its own. But, the fact the STAFF DESPERATELY NEED TRAINING THAT FOCUSES ON SERVING FOOD TO THE GUEST WITH ALLERGIES. BOTTOM LINE THE SANDWICH COULD.HAVE MADE MY SON EXTREMELY ILL OR EVEN TAKEN HIS LIFE. I FEEL LIKE WE PUT OUR TRUSY IN RESTAURANTS WHEN WE EAT OUT. WE TRUST THEM WITH OUR SAFETY AND WELL BEING. THAT NEEDS TO BE HONORED, RESPECTED, AND TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY! Im kinda losing faith here. Give me some reason to trust again.

  4. On Thursday August 30 we went to a Jack in the Box in Sumner Washington (8376) at a little after 6:00 PM. We ordered two steak Teri Bowls. We got one chicken and one steak. When we ordered the young woman at the counter said it would take 8 minutes…that was OK. After a half hour I went to the counter to see what the delay was. We were going to eat the bowls at the restaurant. The woman at said we had to leave. The restaurant was closing (at 6:45). The lights were turned off as we started to leave. On leaving there was line of cars at the drive-through. They had to just drive through without placing an order. In the eating area the tables were sticky…there was food on some tables and food on the floor. Maybe the Pierce County Health should be advised of the unsanitary conditions? I do not want any coupons for anything because I will never go back to any Jack-In-the box…I will tell all my friends about the bad experience. Clean up your act…the Health Department is coming!

  5. Worst jack in the bix service ever the girls wete so annoying giggling while we gave our order and then forgot ti give us everything we ordered because of it and when we went back had said we just drove off and they had told us thank you snd have a good bight but said we had just deove off was ridiculous…

  6. I went to the Jack in the box on Westheimer and Kirkwood today once for the teriyaki steak combo and the second time for the teriyaki chicken combo and 3 PC eggroll but can’t do the survey because both times I did not get a receipt and I paid cash, they did seem to be having issues a lot of yelling about being short of money or something but the food was good and hot and service was good.

  7. I have been a customer of Jack n the Box since the 70’s. However, I am falling out of love with you. I purchased a Bacon Swiss Buttery Jack and two tacos and was terribly disappointed. The burgers do not appear to taste like real hamburger for one. The sandwiches are rushed they are sloppy and they are nothing like they are advertised in your commercials. Your commercials leave you excited in wanting to get one, however, but when you purchase one and the mess you receive is different then what is shown in your commercial makes you never want to go back for another one. I took a picture of the one I purchased. I sure would love to send it to you so you could see what I got. It barely had any sauce on it. The bacon was thrown on it any kind of way. For the price, I really would like to taste beef, not some makeshift beef. Be honest about the food you served in the 70’s was way better than the crap you serve now. The tacos had no sauce whatsoever on them. We had one right across from our high school and it stayed packed.

  8. Jack’s on Broadway and Dixie Farm Highway. Went to get get food and be manager was rude double charged me extra forfrench fries instead of a hash brown. Coke area was dirty floors were greasy and just very bad service.

  9. My only problem is that the receipt does not print in the center and I have to guess what it says. I have pointed this out to the staff for almost two months now but they have yet to fix the rinter. I think all it needs is new ink cartridge. I visit this location about 3-4 times a week because I shop that Walmart. It’s just frustrating.

  10. Let me just start by saying I love the jack in the box in Tracy Blvd it is the best !!! I want to give a shout out to Dakota she took my order today and narinder, Manisha, & Jessica they were all there that day. I believe narinder is the manager if not she absolutely should be ! She has a positive attitude always ( all the team does) great team work. They are fast with the orders (:. I really appreciate hard working people like them & I hope they read my comment to make their day again ! Thanks y’all – graciela 💕

  11. Sandra from the jack in the box on university avenue was amazing! She gave me amazing service, was very polite and made my experience at jack in the box very enjoyable! ❤️

  12. I decided to try the chorizo loaded fries since I was craving guacamole. Got it to go and got back to my hotel room and there was no guacamole at all on it. Very disappointing.

  13. I just want to say, what the F happen to your Ultimate Cheeseburgers? They’re tiny compared to the late 80’s Ultimate’s! I remember going at 2 am in the morning after drinking all night and I wasn’t drunk enough not to remember, but them Ultimate’s back then were GIANT compared to these child size cheese burgers you call Ultimate’s now. Me and my friends use to tell story’s in our drunken days about those burgers. I haven’t ordered one of those for 20 years and today I was gonna go all out 80’s biggest and baddest juiciest burger in the land and what do I get for $6.00……..this little tiny thing. Tell Jack that all I got was Jacked today!


  15. jack at 1405 N Loop 336 W, Conroe, TX 77304. my son and i were here yesterday and ordered the buttery jack and were told they were out of the meat. we then tried to order the teriyaki meal. they were also out. we decided to go to a different jack since we wanted these items. the person who tried to help us was very nice. hopefully the next time we visit this jack they have everything we want

  16. This concerns the restaurant on John F Kennedy in Houston. I had just picked up blood at Bush airport for delivery the the Red Cross. I was hungry and wanted 7 jalapenos for the ride back to town. I waited over 5 minutes at the counter and was not acknowledged by any employee in the restaurant nor the manager who was standing next at the counter. I walked out, delivered the blood and went to the restaurant at Richmond and Buffalo Speedway (jib 3629). I was greeted as soon as I entered the door. As you can see I was intent on getting my Jalapenos. A tip to all those trying to log into the survey, the phone number works much better.

  17. Klamath Falls OR has the worst customer service and the manager on duty was rude and not polite at all they seemed to rush us while we were done ordering our food because we were still looking at the menu…… I got the #11 only thing that was fresh were my curly fries the chicken seemed undercooked only grilled on one side and was super small compared to the bread. My man got the #8 everything was ok with his only thing they forgot was his Grape Sprite they gave him regular also I decided to try the new float they had I was disappointed filled the cup half way with soda and ice then a lil bit of ice cream on top then a bunch of whip cream like who the hell likes ice in their float and a bunch of whip cream so I called the store and the manager raniy was very Rude didn’t even apologize all she keep saying is what do you want me to do.about it i I don’t know what you want me to do about it….. wtf is that how you run a business very unprofessional

  18. The worst experience I’ve had in a restaurant service was horrible and breakfast taste like fish. Employees were arguing with each other will not return there again

  19. I am a care giver and we are customers of jack in the box regulary except for this day when one of my clients needed to use the restrooms but the cashier denied the entrance only if he will buy something from the store . A purchase was made and he used the restroom but it was too late . The employee had fear for her job if she let him use it based on the rules from the store . We will no longer be customers of jack in the box since we felt discriminated and my client was humiliate. . I don’t blame the cashier she was threatened to be fire if she doesn’t follow protocol . Absurd

  20. Martes 17 de abril fuimos a comer al jack in the box que está en salinas ca por la sanborn rd
    Solamente le quiero dar gracias por el buen servicio y la amabilidad que nos atendió la manager de ahí pienso que es el mejor restaurante que hemos visitado en lo que va del año nos llevaron la comida a la mesa y con mucha amabilidad nos dieron las gracias cuando ya nos ibamos

  21. I can’t get your survey to work. It won’t let me key in the time (stating it’s invalid). I have tried it both ways 1833 and 18:33 and several times.

  22. I am a regular customer of Jack in the Box. I am very disappointed because I am beginning to wonder if Jack in the Box does not care for their Christian customers. I have driven to 4 Jack in the Box locations including the one in Murphy, Wylie, Richardson and Plano TX and none of these stores carry your advertised fish sandwich. I don’t care if this is a seasonal menu but for none of your stores to carry your fish sandwich on Good Friday is very unacceptable. I am a highly disappointed customer. This is one the holidays that you cannot have any excuses for not carrying the fish sandwich. For one of the stores, I had to ask why you did not carry the fish sandwich and they said it is the National leadership that’s responsible for not providing or stocking up the stores with the fish sandwich. Please National Jack in the Box leadership take note before you lose another regular customer. Help Jack in the Box.

  23. I’ve experience very minor issues (Not worth mentioning) at the various (J i t B) locations that I frequent. I’ve taken surveys from other “Fast” food restaurants and yours is setup in a way as if you’re not really interested in collecting the data you’re asking for and it does look and act like a virus. How about letting your customers know that you do hear what we are saying in 1 of your commercials instead of having your nose pulled off by a celebrity who I’m sure doesn’t need the money. There are survey companies I’m sure you know that can collect your data without downloading anything. Yours isn’t setup for anything other than confusion and misdirection. From the comments that I’ve seen you need to redirect some of the $Billions$ you’re spending on advertising and invest in customer service training. It also appears to me that (J i t B) can benefit from the Six Sigma process quality standard deviation business model with its enormous benefit to your bottom line and its strong business practices (I’m sure you’re very interested in that enormous benefit to your bottom line, phrase) that is becoming more popular in today’s business world. 1 last thing Is there really anyone looking at these comments or is this just ANOTHER load of crap, NOT GOOD for your image Jack. You have to out Clown (Mickey D’s) the Clown to bet Clown.

  24. We give up. Lincoln Cypress Location hit and miss. Tonight no change not good. Food there Truck stop greesy spoon feeling after ate… food taste old and sat aroud . Hasn’t changed. Was informed at drive through window his “boss” doesn’t like accept to more than one free comp Combo coupon but will accept this time. We’re done. Will have to drive further for better quality, freshness and locations like Hawaiin Gardens and Euclid Anaheim.
    Please give regards and thanks to NIEMA F., Guest relations Corporate spoke to my wife; she was very kind, accommodation response to our overall concerns
    Was a pleasure speaking to my wife about our years, experience and feedback about this disappointing location.
    Sean C.

  25. Zip code 86004. Not only is this Jack in the Box need repainting. But they have to revise their drive-thru signs. Instead of using a Sharpie to change the price. Also in a winter spot maybe they should rethink their drive-thru for the overhead coverage

  26. Ordered 2 tacos on Ruthrauf rd. in Tucson Az. Asked for taco sauce and was told they ran out.What????? Should have told me before I paid.

  27. i took advantage of your promo with the dallas cowboys. i went to the store #713 at inwood and cedar springs. the free jumbo jack is great but $1.00 for cheese. you guys have a new version of the bait and switch. free burger but $1 for cheese and $1 for tomatoes and $1 and $1 for lettuce. guess what/ there are other burger places.

  28. 14 digit code 683 431 108 361 22
    Date of Service 11/11/2017 11:28

    We ordered 2 Sourdough Bacon Burger. We were served Butter Jacks. We told the Guy behind the counter what we wanted and that the burgers were incorrect. We were served cold Sourdough sandwiches not dressed the way we ordered. I personally have not eaten at Jack in the box very often. I will say this visit will make me think again about another visit. Also the restroom was a complete MESS. Sign off sheet for cleaning was not dated or signed as done.

  29. Bakersfield California Porterville Hwy 65 location.
    I really enjoy the Jack In the Box food. The service is sometimes not up to par though. I’m basically a 3 time a week customer. Lately, when going through the drive thru, they want to charge me full price for 1/2 the sandwich! (e.g. Supreme Croissant minus meat, and cheese, I really only want the the egg). I’m told “we no longer offer side dishes” WHAT!! No Side dishes. This really disappoints me. I usually pay $2.46 for an egg, and hash brown wrapped in a tortilla! How hard can that be to ring it up as sides? But no, they want to charge me full price at $5.99!!! Really? I’m told that they are no longer allowed to offer side dish prices and they are doing away with them. Is this true?

  30. This evening I ordered two Smoky Jack Chicken. When I got home I discovered I had been given two Smoky Cheddar Chicken. I dislike cheddar cheese and these half melted orange tough pieces were particularly not tasty!!
    The buns were tough and dry as if they had been heated in a microwave. I only ate the chicken, tomato, bacon and lettuce. Needless to say my dinner was disappointing and certainly not up to JB’s standard.

  31. The jack in the box crew has been nothing but nice to me. My experience is always wonderful. Yours truly Bob. Loyal customer for a year.

  32. Greenville, Tx. Last night we went inside with another family. They refused to take our order, saying the inside was closed. That we would have to go through the drive thru to order. Then 10 minutes later a man came in and they took his order ? Waited for over an hour for a burger and fries ? Watched a worker cuss and act irresponsible with a knife ? Everyone’s order was wrong, it was a nightmare. That location is definitely in need of a supervisor !

  33. Just tried brisket burger with coupon deal..The onion rings in the ad picture looked
    delicious. but the onions were inedible (outer ring with dried skin). I don’t think I’ll
    buy another brisket burger at full price..

  34. Didn’t receive a receipt waited in line to get my order for 12 minutes the young Lady wasn’t friendly at all. Will not go back

  35. We live in Fayetteville Arkansas and have no Jack’s here. Please put some there, getting real tired of McDonald’s.

  36. Your store in Marysville ca. has a policy posted on the restrooms customers only. This morning passing threw Marysville at 8am I felt stomach cramps and gurgling. I stopped at this Jack in the box the store was empty, I had to call out to someone. Then I heard a voice call out order, order. The person approaching the counter seemed annoyed. She wanted my order I asked to use the restroom she stated you have to place an order first. I explained I had intestinal disorder. She replied you have to order something. I know why they have the signs and the doors locked. I’am 65 yrs old retired dressed for the golf course, not homeless. I left went down 2 blocks McDonalds had the same signs they gladly open the restroom for me.

    1. The reason for the notice for customer’s only, is there are a lot of homeless people around the area,and they use the restroom’s to take bird bath’s and use drugs. Most the time they leave needle’s behind. Then a paying customer goes in to use the restroom and have to explain to there children why there is pharmaceutical waste left in the restroom. All so I used to work in the service industry and we had the same problem, but in our case the person committed suicide. The person walked in our store grabbed a bottle of whiskey off our shelf swallowed some pills, END of STORY. But the way you said you were dressed they should have let you use the restroom,especially with you condition .

  37. My brother and I attended the Jack’s on 128th in Mill Creek, WA on 4/27/17. Our order was delivered promptly and the hamburgers were excellent. One notable thing happened that pleased me greatly. When I informed one of the employees that the soda pop choice of ours was out, she smiled, thanked me, and immediately solved the problem. You don’t expect that type of service from a fast food chain, but it exemplifies what this particular one does frequently.

  38. On Feb. 21, 2017 I visited your restaurant at 11080 Scarsdale Blvd Houston TX. I ordered your Breakfast Platter, Bacon.
    The scrambled eggs were OVERCOOKED, having that awful taste of eggs close to been burn.
    Three or four days later I answered your survey and, obviously, I complained about your product quality. Along the lines of your survey there was a note stating that, if I approved, someone from your company will call me. Well… as of today Mar 23, 2017 NOBODY has bother to call.
    I had visited this location before and the service as well as the food quality was good, and I expressed my opinion in the corresponding surveys.
    I WILL NOT visit ANY of your locations as long as I do not receive an answer to my complain. My dissatisfaction with your response, or lack of it thereof, supersedes my dissatisfaction with the quality of the food of my last visit.
    Is this your way to keep your customers happy?

  39. I use the drive through mainly and I find the service staff to do delightful. They have always had a smile on their faces and get my order correct. That type of service make, along with the value and taste of the food, helps me choose Jack’s instead of many other options. Keep up the good customer service and this is one customer who will be returning again and again.


    ELLEN @ 4:23 P.M. May 18, 2019

  41. Why can’t customers like me go directly to the official survey and bypass
    all the other information many of these sites require. Please make the process user

  42. The j i b number 540..san leandro, ca. The dine in area is always cold..in the mornings at 699 lewelling blvd…not..san lorenzo ca its cold at 6:33 am..just is it is outside.

  43. I looks like a scam when I enter the web suite address with a .com suffix and it gets redirected to .net, and then the “start” link goes to doubleclick. Why not just directly to Jack’s own web site?

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