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Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have recently visited Chick-fil-A, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Chick-fil-A Survey (located at mycfavisit.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Chick-fil-A and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Chick-fil-A receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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  1. My serial number seems to have a missing number. There is a blank at the beginning of the third group of numbers. The blank has one dot in it toward the top. Very frustrating when it refuses to accept the serial number. From the number of complaints I am seeing, I’m guessing you have some serious problems with this survey. I enjoy visiting your restaurants. I did not enjoy being rejected by your survey site. This has been going on for some time. Fix it!

  2. at the beginning os the survey, its stated that (sorry your survey cant be competed, please try again. i have never had this problem before

  3. I bought a Chicken sandwich on June 25, 2019 and filled out the survey the next day (TODAY) 7/26
    but the survey was rejected. This has happened for the last 3 surveys that I have tried to fill out in the last 2 months. I see where a lot of other people have had the same problem. I would suggest
    that you all revise the survey and maybe give people more time to fill it out. Some people may
    have eaten at one of your stores and they were on vacation and not around a computer when they got a receipt with a survey and not back home for a week. I hope that you all will honor my attempting to complete a survey and send a coupon or at least give me the respect of a reply
    and advise what I have done incorrect.

  4. I have taken survey 8 times and have never had any problem. Have always received my email with code within 24 hours as stated. I love Chic-fil-A!

  5. I have tried to enter my serial number and it won’t let me enter last 3 numbers. Any suggestions ? What good is the sight if it does not let you take the survey?

  6. I’m trying to put my serial number in but it won’t let me put in the last 3 numbers and I’ve tried several times. Any suggestions ?

  7. you still make the best tasting and juicy chicken on the market today. Also, you do have the best customer service in -store of any other food busines. Keep up the grat work. God bless you.

  8. Same thing happened to me. Survey & no email for free sandwich. All of you people just take your phone to your CFA & show the manager proof that you completed the survey within the 2 day period. Problem solved! CFA stands behind its offers.

  9. Seems like a lot of people are running into the same problem. I completed the survey as well and no email. No free sandwich. Dissapointed and quite sad that they have yet to address this issue. One look at their comment section and.. oh well. Now I’m just wondering what they’re going to do with my email *sigh*

  10. completed survey. It stated at end “thank you” and you will get an email to redeem free item. No email . No free item. Very disappointed. I have a printed out history showing I was online for four minutes on the survey.

  11. did the survey and HAVE NOT RECEIVE MY FREE SANDWICH!!
    Will NEVER do the survey Again!!
    Will not go to check fil a, AGAIN!!
    they do not appreciate their customers base on NO respond.

  12. Same here it said my serial number is errror,keep telling me try again.and now it fast 2 days and the my serial is expired.,really chick-fil-a.

  13. How many characters am I allowed this time? I gave Chick-fil-A 2 two paragraphs, which were not all positive. Is that what the company really wants to know?

  14. I bought a breakfast Meal-Ckn Minis 4 ct last Saturday, 3/3/2018 at 9:56 am. And the cashier was very cordial and explained the short survey that I can filled up to get a free chick-fil-a Chicken Sandwich. I like your everything that you guys make. Never got a free sandwich. So I was eager to fill up the survey. When I got home Saturday, I immediately did the short survey. It says that I will get my confirmation through my e-mail. Kept checking my e-mail and has not receive any confirmation.
    Serial Num: 7740306-00654-0956-0303-81

  15. Visited Chick-fil-A in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, filled out survey for free sandwich and never received code for sandwich. Tried repeating survey, but would not go through. Very disappointed today is last day to complete form.

    1. I completed the survey on 3/3/18 and haven’t received an email yet. It used to be that the code was given at the end of the completed survey.

  16. I visited Chick Fila on the 2/17/18 and received my receipt to redeem for a free sandwich but the website is not taking my serial number! And it expires today which is the second day to complete but I can’t because the website is NOT working. Now I won’t receive a free sandwich! Come on Chick fila. You gotta do better than this. Especially when one shops with you often. Poor customer satisfaction because it’s not the first time this has happened. This makes it look like a scam!!!

    1. I visited Chick-fil-a on 2/20/2018. I tried to get on to the website with no success. This isn’t the first time I have had this problem. I have had this same issue at least 8 or 9 times. I’m beginning to think it is a scam. Like the food and service but beginning to think I may end up taking my business to What-a-burger.

  17. entered my serial numbers and it said it was not correct I did it many times and it failed
    perhaps you should get your act together or at least make sure you system is accepting
    these serial numbers printed on the Chick fil a receipts keeps sayin to try again.

  18. February 10th 2018 we visited the chick-fil-a at the Christiana Mall In Newark DE
    My Receipt says to enter the serial number so I went on line and it failed 4 time
    with the correct numbers still said it was incorrect…… What’s going on or is this a scam
    or is you set up on line all screwed up.

  19. I took the survey did not receive and e-mail with a reply as they said. I now see all the complaints with this process….when I did the survey was very careful to put in required information serial number and my e-mail address. Why have people do that and not keep your end of the bargain. Such a small thing on your part and you spoil it with no follow up. After I was so happy with my first experience at a Chick Fill A store #02814.

  20. I filled out the code and completed the survey but never received a code or page to print for a free chicken sandwich.

  21. Not wanting a free sandwich. Just tried to do the survey to give an honest opinion of my experience at the Sanford, Fl hwy 46 location. The process is impossible to follow if you do not have a serial code on the bottom of the receipt. Mine does not. All I have is a transaction number, owners name with his phone number,which would be fine if I wanted to complain to him about something under his control. My displeasure complaint goes beyond his ability to be able to address and or correct what I feel is a measurable decrease in the quality of their sandwiches from what I personally remember from when I first started eating them almost 40 yrs ago till present. I stopped eating there regularly about ten yrs ago, because for some reason the chicken had become some what bland in flavor,not as hot when served,and cold over sized bun. I occasionally go back in hopes of getting a steaming hot flavor able sandwich with a warm soft bun, but it has not happened at any location I have tried, in the last ten years so I have pretty much stopped going all together. My visit to the Sanford location was just the same. Everything except the food I ordered was fine. Service, clean, prompt etc. Personally I don’t get it any more as to the hype and success of this company. They are on their way to being just another overated company offering a substandard product. I was in fast food for 35 yrs. Owned and operated and never would sell what is supposed to be a hot sandwich with warm meat and a cold bun. Who thinks that makes a great sandwich? Not I.

  22. I did the survey about 2 hours ago. I have NOT received my confirmation bar to print out. What’s the problem? This has me wondering if I may have put in the wrong email address. Is there a phone number to call to inquire about this?

  23. I spent time completing a survey for store #02952 but it didn’t send a code for a sandwich but confirmed I would be emailed a code. The acting manager, Bekah, refused to accept my receipt serial number or the message sent by the system indicating I completed the survey and would receive a sandwich. They lost an additional sale as I purchased more than the sandwich. Terrible system, terrible customer service at this restaurant in Lakewood, Co. I’ll never go there again unless the owner contacts me and makes it right

  24. I did the survery, June 4, 2019 for Serial Num. 3640256-03761-1802-1102-79 but I gave the wrong email address. I didn’t get the email for the sandwich. The correct address is [email protected]

  25. tried to enter my serial code but the receipt is missing a number. You can see the word sandwich above it is missing the letter “n” the same space, so the receipt didn’t print properly. Guess I don’t get a free sandwich either!

  26. Order to go 1 salad, 1 grilled sand, 3 spicy deluxe get to job, missing 1 sandwich. Do they realize how frustrating that is. One of my men went hungry. Thanks a lot Chic Fil A

  27. *…”I did the survey yesterday evening, June 16, 2019, and you had not responded it”…Yet!. At first it was not taken the numbers, but tried couple times and it did!. You suppose to give a code # in order to get my free sandwich!. No Code!…No respond!…What happened”…???. JN~*~.

  28. I try to do survey I been trying it’s doesn’t go thru it’s won’t take all number I don’t know what wrong thanks I hope you can get back to me let me know something

  29. I went online with my customer receipt and did the survery for a digital offer for one free original chicken sandwich but never got it in email. My Serial Num I entered and completed survey but no email. I have done these in the past and always got a code to use for a free sandwich but this time I never got a code or any email with a code. I did it yesterday on line. If I try again it won’t take the code because it was already used. I did check spam, etc. but not there either. Thanks.

  30. I am very disappointed I did not get any code for a chick-fil-A sandwich after I took the survey and I gave my e-mail address as requested.

  31. Did survey and never received email with code for free sandwich. Last time I will take a survey for Chick-dil-a. Very disappointed!

  32. Same BS as always
    Spend my time and money at CFA 3-5 times a week. Every time I receive this promotion, I never receive an email with the code to use for the free sandwich. Then all 3 times, I took the receipt to a CFA location and they would not honor without a code.
    If u want my loyal, continued service, I recommend u contact me or send me some free coupons.
    Thanks, I hope

  33. I, like the others listed above took the time to fill out the survey – but received no return email to give me a code with which to get a free sandwich. My financial world will not come crashing down as a result. And I will continue to go to Chick-fil-A often because I think you do a good job. BUT – why the big mystery in providing the verification code to get what you offered. This makes no sense. Frankly, I am more than a little disappointed. It is precisely this kind of behavior that drives away customers. Come on Chick-fil-A. You are better than that!

  34. Filled out survey and didn’t get an email for a free sandwich. Not sure why I didn’t get it. I really liked the old way better, just jot down a code. Now I have to be near a printer since I do not have a smart phone. How do I go about getting my free sandwich at this point? Is there a phone number to call to get my sandwich? Thank you

  35. This is the second time i have done the survey for a free sandwich with no response back.
    they have mastered the chicken sandwich but need to work on the survey.

  36. Very disappointed! I completed the survey and no email with code! Come on CFA!! You can do better than this. Keep your promises!

  37. Have been doing chic-fil-a surveys for a while with no trouble but the last 2 times I tried I never received the email cupon.Always changing but not for the better.

  38. Don’t have smart phone and no way to copy coupon. Please go back to old way. As you can see, customers are unhappy.

  39. Really, If you would like our assistance by filling out this survey then please don’t make it so nerve racking to do. Lost time with no sandwich in return. What a waste. Good thing that I enjoyed my food.

    1. I too am disappointed with this new system. I spent the time to do the survey with no response via email like it says. I miss the old way that always worked! Why change something that works?

  40. Very disappointed with the # Chick-fil-A survey. I have tried four different times to complete this survey noted on my reciept, and all four times I reached 97% completion rate and could not finish the survey because the site would not recognize two different email addresses. I am a big supporter of Chick-fil-A, but thus survey issue is very disappointing.

  41. Filled out survey and didn’t get an email for a free sandwich. What was wrong with the old system of getting a code to write on your receipt?? Hey Chick-fill-A; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!

  42. Do not like new survey.do not have smart phone or printer,therefore I can no longer get free sandwich.I really look forward to the free ones as these are. For grandkids, so being retired every little bit helps. May have to get chicken sandwiches elsewhere

    1. Was not able to do the survey don’t have smart phone so didn’t get my free sandwich .guess I will not be eating with you any more ..this is not working for me .

  43. There is not serial code number which they are asking to do the customer survey. What type of company it is. The plan the survey structure but their receipt nothing no code or digit is there to fill the emply plance.

  44. Can’t see the serial number clearly… trying to figure it out but when it was printed can’t read numbers. Can’t take survey.

  45. I have tried too get through several times for free sand but it won’t work. I scrolled down to the end and got a number but not able to complete survey.

  46. Have tried a few times but just keep getting the sorry message to try again.
    Was happy to get the survey, love getting a free chick fil a sandwich. I always enjoy them and the people and restaurants are always great from one town, city ton the next! I’ll be back

  47. I’ve gone on ww.w. Mycfavisit.com to fill out a survey so I can get a free chicken sandwich but it prints out try again I’ve tried 3 times I’ve done this before and it worked fine but apparently there’s a problem I still want my chicken sandwich

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