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    320 S.E. 1st Street, Miami, Fl 33131. Our Pollo Tropical is THE GREATEST. Food always fresh and tastier meal portion still the same PRICES JUST RIGHT. Most of all the NEW MENU off the chain. Ribs and chicken for that price no complaisant. Sweet CORN TUFFLE just like HOMEMADE YUM! YUM. I have not tried the others stuff on menu yet. But that MANGO salads not too HOT. Our Staff always FRIENDLY and willing to work with you if order wrong and helps customers with there orders. . Sometimes the food sever get PISS when they have to do another dish and look at you crazy. LOL I love it

  2. Lauren

    I have now visited the pollo tropical on San Jose blvd in Jacksonville Florida twice and they have stated they only have dark meat when I order a family meal. When I state that there isn’t the same amount of meat on a leg as on a breast they state that it is the same amount of chicken. The meal says WHOLE chicken. Please fix this store.

  3. viona Mae B williams

    I always enjoy the friendliness and the the delicious food!
    The meals suffice for a home cooked meal anyday!!!!



  5. Ernie Lasalle

    I constantly visit your Pollo tropical stores here in the Orlando area. I see the same theme over and over.
    1) The tables are always left dirty with trays and food. And no matter what the staff can’t keep up because they are trying to take care of the kitchen and counter. Part of this problem can be solved if you put trash bins at the entrance like every restaurant does. Costumers are trainable if you explain it. Ray Krock did that with Mcdonalds. They are doing pretty well now! :0)
    2) your management seems very disconnected from the customer. You mostly see them taking care of the grunt work instead of leading and delegating and keeping track of how quickly product goes out efficiently.The saucing tables always look empty and not cleanly managed. The same with the drink stations, iced tea is always out.
    3) orders are always wrong. Time and time i see food going back because it was the wrong order. It seems to me that sometimes its a language barrier between the counter person and the costumer. Sometimes it seems that no effort goes into what the worker do.As a hispanic person i can say that! “:0)
    Over all the food is ok. It’s a good bang for the buck, so i think costumers tolerate up to a certain point. The problem with that is when the competition opens and starts doing it better than you do. That’s when the beginning of the down hill slide starts.Remember even a big corporation like McDonald’s sometimes closes stores, and all that hinges on management leadership and correct productivity to keep the doors open. And doing simple things like putting trash bins by the doors! “:0)!


    Tropichop looks like cat food. ordered my mom some chicken with fries and got
    burnt, wrinkle chicken who knows maybe from day before. Rejected order. Will never go back or recommend. Manager on duty did not know what the heck she was doing when we complain. She needs to be the waitress not manager.

    store located 1811 s.semoran blvd
    store#10032 order number 349792 on Monday nite

  7. George Chinto

    I do not understand how this pollo location still in business, the service is the worst, customer service, to serve the orders they take a whole length of time, to take the order they make you wait up to 7 minutes, your management is really awful, they do not know how to manage time, catering orders, employees, not to mention the tables are never cleaned, the place is a mess. The place location it’s at 1051 south military trail, Deerfield beach, FL 33442. My receipt number is 3002 1064 1648 7129.

  8. fabolian Oriol

    store# 10130 1261 S Cleveland Av, Fort Myers has the most aggressive, impatient, stupid, and rudest manager I ever seen. She doesn’t even has the basic customer services. How in the world she became manager? I advising anyone to be very careful with this store manager, otherwise you could be ending with trespass warning police for exercise your customer right!
    That what happen to me and will do everything possible to spray the event world wide.

  9. David C Morris

    10-22-15 This was our first time at your place. we really enjoyed the food and the people were very nice. We will tell other people about your g ood food. We will go back again!!!! David morris


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