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If you have recently visited Skyline Chili, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Skyline Chili Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Skyline Chili and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Skyline Chili receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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Skyline Chili is looking for your feedback, and is willing to reward you handsomely for it. If you would like to save money on your next Skyline Chili purchase, be sure to do their customer satisfaction survey and get a coupon so you can save on Chili in the future.

To get your discount, visit, enter the store number printed on your survey invitation. Then click on “Start” to begin the customer survey. Upon completion you will be given a validation code redeemable for the offer printed on your receipt.


Where is the original Skyline Chili located?

Cincinnati, OHSkyline Chili

Can you order skyline online?

Online orders only. While supplies last. Feeling Good, It's Skyline Time! Gather together with friends and family for Coneys & Ways at your favorite neighborhood Skyline.

Who owns Skyline Chili?

Fleet Equity Partners was the winner, acquiring Skyline in 1998 with a million leveraged buyout. McDonnell said the deal was “an exit strategy” for the Lambrinides family, which founded Skyline in 1949.

How many skylines are in Cincinnati?

Skyline ChiliTypePrivateFounded1949 in Cincinnati, OhioFounderNicholas LambrinidesHeadquartersFairfield, Ohio, USANumber of locations152 (October 2016)6 more › wiki › Skyline_ChiliSkyline Chili - › wiki › Skyline_Chili

What makes Skyline Chili different?

Unlike other versions of chili con carne, Skyline itself contains only meat, spices and water. There are no beans, however, you can have kidney beans added to you order should you desire them. Also, there are no onions in the chili itself, however, you can also have onions added to you order should you desire them.

Where is Skyline Chili headquarters?

Fairfield, OHSkyline Chili

What is Skyline Chili made of?

Instead, the basic recipe includes only water, meat, and spices. Tourists who try Skyline Chili for the first time are often shocked by its unique blend of seasonings, which has been said to include cumin, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, vinegar, cloves... and something distinctly sweet.

Is Skyline Chili a keto?

IS REGULAR SKYLINE CHILI KETO-FRIENDLY? While the exact skyline chili recipe is still a well-gaurded secret (it's locked in a bank vault, actually) our guess is that no; skyline chili like you can buy in the grocery or in the restuarant is not keto-friendly.

Does Chili's use MSG?

Chili's does not add or purchase products that contain MSG. However, many of our food items contain naturally-occurring glutamate, such as autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, sodium caseinate and gelatin, that can potentially cause 'monosodium glutamate-like' reactions in some individuals.

What oil does Chili's use?

What Oil Does Chili's Use for Frying? They use soybean oil, and I want to make sure you know a couple of things. Since they use highly refined soybean oil, they do not have to disclaim it on the allergen menu. So any fried items are fried in soybean oil, even if they do not state that they contain soy.


  1. Kristi

    I also had a problem with the survey online. However, on my receipt there was a number to call to take the survey. I called it and completed the survey by phone.
    The number is (614)826-6333

  2. Fran

    I have read all of the above comments about the survey and agree it does not work.
    So why has Skyline not done anything about this by now. What is their problem?
    Do they even read these comments? Appears not!

    I think they should stop putting the survey on the receipt! It angers me to see the survey and know it doesn’t work.

    Wake up Skyling!!!!!!!!

  3. Dennis Hock

    Here it is September 25 and according to these comments you’ve known since at least May 26 that your system DOES NOT WORK! It’s not like it screwed up this morning!
    If this is representative of Skyline systems, how can I be comfortable that your people wash their hands (ever) or clean the floors or wash out cookpots.
    Let us know that your Policies and Procedures suck that bad, or if you have some better excuse for this failure. BTW- that the survey may be handled by a sub-contractor is no excuse: Skyline is still the responsible party!

  4. Michelle Melson

    The girl at the drive-thru window told me to clear my cache and cookies on my computer. I did that, in fact I had done it before, and all times have had NO luck accessing the http://SKYLINECHILICARES.COM web site, it keeps telling me that the survey is no longer active.
    I think that someone in skylines promotion department needs to look into what is happening and FIX the problem.

  5. Jeff Davis

    I agree! This is horseshit. I happen to love Skyline Chili but it’s (now) obvious that everyone is having the same problem.

    Tomorrow I plan to call the store & bitch up a storm.

    Yeah…it’s just a damn coney. But don’t make a promise on which you don’t plan to deliver. At least not with me, anyway…

  6. JB

    I tried several times to take the survey and it said “this survey is is no longer available” it has only been five days since we ate there. The receipt says within fourteen days and it was. This is very frustrating and a waste of my time.

  7. Patrick W Gwilliam

    I ordered a garden salad and a bowl of chili…….the menus says the salad has: Romaine lettuce, spring mix, cucumber, red onion, grape tomatos, croutons, and cheddar cheese. This is what I got …….Romaine lettuce,chopped tomatos, croutons and cheddar cheese. No grape tomatos, No spring mix, No red onions, No spring mix. The CHILI was the worst I’ve ever had and I’m 58 years old and have had many samples of chili over the years. IT REALLY WAS THE WORST I HAVE EVER TASTED. It was watery, the mystery meat that was in it was pureed and no beans. JUST HORRIBLE. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY GOING TO SKYLINE CHILI. I got my meal as a carry out and discovered how bad it was when I got back to my motel. What a mistake. This was the store at 6111 Busch Blvd. Columbus, Ohio 43229

    1. Jacqueline

      I wish i could comment i had a big black curly hair in my cheese Coney and while me and my daughter sat there and ate all the 2 female workers talked about was farting and burping

  8. Bryan R Jensen

    I have participated in these surveys in the past, and they were simple and easy. (It was another reason to love Skyline Chili.)

    What is the problem and why does this not work. It makes me feel like I’ve had a promise from Skyline Chili to me broken.

    I love Skyline and would hate to see this trend continue.

  9. Mary

    It bad publicity to give a reward for a survey when you shut it down. Makes me and others want to go to gold star. If this is the way you desk jockeys do business it’s not good.

  10. beth a duley

    went to local Skyline 5/26, got good service and food. But what with “no survey available”? Why make a big deal out of a free coney when can’t do the survey????

  11. Fran

    I agree with the comment above. Why offer a free coney that you cannot use. This is a waste of my time!

  12. Bill Waltz

    So, what’s with no survey? New one sometime … or are surveys done? Free coney has been nice … but not only reason I like the surveys: I can let “bosses” know about my experience, including names.

  13. donna smith

    so you issue a receipt for a free coney and then make the survey unavailable? bad business people!


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