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If you have recently visited Shoppers Drug Mart, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Shoppers Drug Mart Survey (located at surveysdm.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

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  1. My children and I are frequent visitors at Shoppers Drug Mart at Burnhamthorpe and Cawthra. We absolutely love that particular location especially this one cashier name Kristine. She is amazing and it is always a pleasure to see her when we visit. She always greets us with a smile and she’s always happy to help or assist you. I’ve also notice that she’s like that with every interaction(other customers) and that makes her exceptional!

  2. Started to take your survey and realized there are far too many very personal questions. What protection doI have regarding this info? Do you sell this info to other companies? I will not ever do this again!!

  3. WOW! Absolutely love the shoppers on Stanley St. in Brantford ON
    The cosmeticians were absolutely delightful for their gala, polite,fun,energetic,happy and just all around charismatic and enjoyable to be around- Thank you ladies for your makeovers and great tips throughout the day. Also the Store Manager and all of her staff are just amazing polite and so helpfu when it comes to bonus days or any others – they’re on the ball
    Pharmacy girls and the 3 gentleman are so great as well making sure I’ve been looked after and treated respectfully! I’ve been shopping here for 3 years and will continue to as well as recommend this shoppers to any of my friends
    THANKS GUYS for being all around a great store
    – love the James’s

  4. MANAGER at 228 Shoppers drug Mart, very unprofessional,
    Poor of Sense of Humor
    Always a problem to communicate to someone who has Little KnowLedge.
    So Don’t be surprised, ITS ALWAYS HIRING.
    She’s Nothing but MANIPULATIVE PERSON.

    SHAME,,,, REALLY SHAME !!!!!

  5. I went to the store today and Lori was busy applying make up on a client. I needed help in exchanging a vicki cream to one with SPF . I asked her if she was busy she said yes and I was referred to a lady that was promoting striVectin. There was no cream available with SPF and the lady told me she wasn’t able to help me with other creams as she was there only for this specific one. I looked at the front and saw Lori taking care of other clients leaving the girl on the make up chair. I am asking if this is appropriated. If she was busy to help me why wasn’t she busy to help other clients and leaving the girl waiting on having her makeup finished ? I left the store and told her you seem very busy I will come back another time . I was also there to purchase a cologne for my husband but this lady seems to luck on customer service. She should not be a manager as she might be sending the wrong message to the ones under her management. This is not the first time that Lori is not very attentive to help me . I have never had such an experience with others actually I am very content with a lady that works there sometimes Susy . She is a skinny lady always very caring in helping others with their needs. I have waited for her for a few minutes but she does check with me at times to make sure I wont leave the store without my purchases. Please look into Lori’s behavior as I do not intend to purchase anything from her if I see her on shift. I spend lots of money at your company and I do not wish to have to leave the store due to luck of customer service from this lady. Thank you

  6. I was at my local Shoppers Drugs on Henderson Hwy. in Winnipeg on June 7th/18 and made 2 purchases – $116.61 and $58.32. I received the little purple card “you have been chosen for a Chance to win $1,000 in gift cards.” etc. etc. I filled in the survey and took some time to complete until I came to the last page where I had to type in my name, tel. phone #. I could only type in part of my phone number and could not go any further to complete the survey. It was very frustrating and I tried everything but to no avail.

  7. I have been buying at Shopper’s for years. There are 2 locations I shop at the most and have never had a situation or concern. I treat the staff as I’d like to be treated and always acknowledge them as an individual by using their name whenever possible. It’s amazing how receptive they can be either by becoming relaxed and/or speaking more to me and/or casting a smile my way.
    Anelin assisted me this day and was most pleasant. Busy location!!

  8. Woodbine Calgary – They processed the $25.00 Lotto gift card and issued the $5.00 shoppers gift card according to the Shoppers Drug Mart “this weeks deal”. It was a little tricky but happy they managed to figure it out.

  9. I stopped by the store this morning looking for a couple of items. Josie was very quick to assist me and very friendly and helpful doing so. I will come back here for my makeup needs for sure. Great service.

  10. My family and I always are very satisfied with excellent service we received every single time we visit shoppers pharmacy on 23rd Ave. Staff are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to assist us .

  11. I was at Shoppers Drug Mart today .Tina waited on me, she was very helpful and polite. Thank you Tina,, from Bonnie Daley

  12. I always happy visit at shoppers drug mart …very satisfied with Christy she always helps me find out my stuff…

  13. My shoppers visit always good… usually Christy help me find out stuff … m always happy when I shopped at shoppers Drug Mart…

  14. Unable to complete this survey….I have tried before with little success so quit trying for a number of years. Just thought Id try again this year and what do you know…still unable to complete.

  15. Totally love the TD Core Calgary Store….the Girls there are amazing . Rayelyn, Britny and Shaleena are the best….I always receive the best customer service from them always. They help me with all my concerns and always introduce me to new products. This is my only Shoppers for friendly and great service :))

  16. Many thanks to Skylar at the Shoppers in Cochrane, AB. She was very helpful and cared enough to listen to the specifics of my skin care problem and show me the options available. Her manager, whose name I did not catch, was also very caring and helpful. I am very satisfied with their recommendation and will shop there again.

  17. My best experience from all the years shopping with shoppers drug mart was at rockwood mall and burnhamthrope.

  18. I have tried to do the survey several times and I get quite deep into the survey, click next and get kicked out….what a waste of time….I give up

  19. OUR SDM in Waterloo ON has very dim lighting in its parking lot – don’t feel very safe as a female at night there- please add more lighting soon- this is the Bridgeport and Weber Sts. location

    1. Can’t complete the survey as the system has stalled twice. I had good customer service and wanted to acknowledge Andrea Lee #0920 for all her help.

  20. I am disappointed on the way most young people treat people with customer care. I was shopping yesterday, an a young girl with blonde hair showed her real colors. The lady in front of me had 5 items and just as i walked up she threw her sign up closed. I had two items and nobody behind me, I said you can’t take me with these two items before you close. HER REPLY “NO I HAVE TO GO ON MY COFFEE BREAK.” Mean while the other cashier had two people with full carts. BUT a girl that had closed before my cashier, heard what happen and said come over here Miss I’ll help you. When i went to her she apologized for the ignorance of the first girl. I thanked her for her kindness and stated she should be saying something to the manager because THIS IS HOW TO LOOSE CUSTOMERS. I have been in retail for awhile and if I was this girls manager she would have been gone, or put to a less responsible position so she wouldn’t be driving the customers AWAY. This happened at the Shoppers on Arthur SECOND time I have been treated like a RUG.

  21. I would like to say that Corey the Cosmetic Manager at Shoppers Drug Mart, Parksville BC, has always been extremely helpful. Over the past year or so she has always been there to help with questions and in finding whatever I was looking for.
    On Jan. 31 2018 she went the extra mile for me in changing an unopened Boots no.7 product in favour of another one for me. I feel she should be acknowledged for her continual pleasant and helpful ways.

  22. Just visited SDM at College and Bathrust (463 College St) and as I always go there to get my things I usually have an amazing experience, cos everybody’s really friendly and very helpful, but this morning was more than that. The new girl Nicole who just started working at SDM was more than amazing, we even exchanged a few words in German Language, and had always amazing Marie (or something like that) as a trainer (I love Marie and her absolutely amazing personality, she’s always helpful, and knows how to approach the clients) All in all my favourite stuff and my favourite SDM.

    Thank You Ladies … Love ya both

  23. The only experienced im very happy when the staff Angie Collier in city center basement store is very helpful and very respectful and always smiling to every cutomer she had and worked extra mile for everybody and im glad that she is the staff I asked question cause she is very nice cause in other shoppersdrugmart store i experienced also very bad treatment the lady was rude and even helpful and grumpy to me as customer when i asked something

  24. Ian and Erika Adam
    Nov. 13 2017
    We are writing to compliment the staff of the Parry Sound store.
    The service we receive is exceptional. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and truly a joy to talk to and deal with . The store owner BECKY is a great asset to the Shoppers team. I hope that you look after her and her staff as well as they looked after us over the many years we have been part of the Shoppers pharmacy “shoppers”.
    Some of my “friends” on the stores staff are Michael, Ethel, Karen, Debbie, Brenda, Mel, Brenda and My best “Friend ROBIN” there are more great staff members but too many to name here. Over many years all these staff members became more than just store employees they really became valued friends of ours.
    The stores prices and quality products are the best in our small town.
    We have never been unhappy with the service or the products we have received over the many years we have dealt with “our” Shoppers Drug Mart Store.
    This store and its staff deserve a great big round of applause from head office and bonuses should reflect how much Becky and her terrific staff do a great job daily.
    Thank you for this forum to let you know how truly happy we are with S D M.
    Erika and Ian Adam Parry Sound.

  25. Pleasant helpful staff. this time Belinda went out of her way to make sure I got the right produce I was looking for.Every shopping experience there is a good feeling.

  26. After several years of increasingly poor service, experienced terrible customer service at the Narmin Jaldin Drugs Ltd. at 1309 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, today and am going to transfer my prescriptions to a pharmacy with better, professional, customer service… I had two prescriptions to pick-up, and I brought several other articles (digestive pills, feminine products, a couple of cosmetic products) that I was going to purchase in a basket to the pharmacy counter, and asked for my prescription. The pharmacy was not busy, there was only one other person who was waiting for a prescription, and I had waited in line for my turn. Clerk tells me that she will help me this time, but will not serve me again if I bring other items from the store to the pharmacy counter to be purchased! Unbelievable! There is no sign saying this, and I am picking up prescriptions as well as purchasing other items sold at the pharmacy environs. I have done this before, and witnessed on numerous occasions customers of this pharmacy purchasing items other than prescriptions at this premises. She tells me (the customer) that she is stating that is “proper” behaviour. “Supervisor” seems ‘helpless’ when I complain to him. He says that there is nothing he can do about it. Well, there is certainly something I can do about it. Narmin Jalaldin Drugs Ltd., has lost my good business and that of my husband and children, as well as that particular Shoppers Drug Mart. Cheerio!

  27. not impressed i always liked shoppers till i came in yesterday alan last month wanted to keep my pick-up day on wednesday when doctor Anderson changed it so i was allowed month to month he gave me 15 pills from saturday and changed the date to the 15th for some reason and your new guy wouldnt listen to anything i had to say he said i would have togo without my meds for six days, I nor don cant understand a word he speaks i said go back in your records and find-out, what happened my dr has put me on a month to month on her computer it says i was due, Because of him wanting to keep my pick-up day on the sameday not understanding im on a month to month pick-up he refused and was leaving me for six days without meds, I called panarama and they told me he was to despense what the date said or take it somewhere else because of him not looking i asked for the perscription back, You have a heavy set dirty blonde who hates me there and threw my persciption back at me and said fine GOODBYE!!!!! you lost my business because of the way i was treated i was very tired and sat there for three hours he still wouldnt even fax the persciption finally he did and that took and hour and a half maybe you shouldnt leave someone like him alone on a saturday if he cant speak english and its not the first time ive had trouble there when a dr puts you on a month to month is because im trusted i asked to be put on a weekly all this time your staff thought it was because i was in trouble, I asked dr Anderson to because of my divorce, im having growth and cant go six days without meds maybe hire someone that speaks better english and actually can handle a busy day because none of them could, I dont appreciate that girl throwing my percription back in my face, Sorry crystal also congradulations on your new baby… to both you and your husband don will be leaving there too!!!!, Sonya thomas

  28. I came to Cedar Hills Shoppers last Sunday around 1 in the afternoon to get a perfume for my cousin’s birthday..There was a set of perfume that says Manager Discount so I asked the lady there for the prices of each perfume that she looked so pissed that I keep on asking for the price. She was so RUDE in answering me I just want to get a perfume that is reasonable price and a good brand. Anjilie should not be working there if she doesn’t want the customers to ask her. This shoppers is well recommended by my friends but my first experience was HORRIBLE!!!! I will not shop in this location ANYMORE!!!!

  29. Like to share a pleasant personal experience in my transaction with SDM [email protected] 13040-137
    ave. Edm. AB. Special kudos to one charming asst. name LINDA with whom I presuppose
    that the petite lady do possess a reservoir of goodwill, kind heartedness and ever-ready
    accommodation to every customers that is in need of vital medications. I fervently believe
    that this young lady is and will always will be a great asset to the company. God Bless her.

  30. I would just like to say that Emilia at the 5005 serena drive Beamsville location, is AWESOME she did my daughters make up for her grad. She was fun, professional, and just all around a nice person. I would recommend friends and family to go in and see her, i even told my hairdresser about her…lol… I was in there today and told her manager she was awesome!!! Nice to see such energetic, positive people.

  31. Very satisfied as I stated on the phone. I am able to always find what I want in the store. There is however, one problem which has occurred lately. Three packets of cleansing towelettes have been totally dry when I have opened them. There were no expiry dates on the packets, and of course, I have no receipts, as I buy then on sale and are not used right away, L’Oreal was the last one. The sales person I talked to yesterday suggested I contact you. I can’t remember the names of the other packets but by the third one I thought I should contact some-one.

  32. im not impressed with shoppers and i will change doctors and pharmacys, i was tild if i went to the hospital as soon as she did she lefy me to suffer, i satat the hospital and im not allowed to see, My own doctor she threatened me if me or don come into panarama she was letting us go as patients.

  33. Cosmetics at 666 Burnhamthorpe, Nikki is so friendly and always has a big smile in her face. Love to shop there!

  34. 9980 137 Avenue Have been going to see Naz and Daniella for years. This is the best
    store in Edmonton 5 stars out of 5. AThey know what I need the minute I walk in 🙂

  35. I dispense all my prescriptions at Homer/Nelson SDM pharmacy for 5 years. staff are very friendly specially pharmacist name: Mohammad is very kind, knowledgeable and helpful.
    I like to thank him.

    Mehran Nasseri

  36. Pharmacy at Westshore, Langford, BC is amazing, Sam is so friendly as is the rest of the
    staff 🙂

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