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If you have recently visited Sonny's Bar-B-Q, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Sonny's Bar-B-Q Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Sonny's Bar-B-Q and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Sonny's Bar-B-Q receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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Sonny’s Bar-B-Q is one of my favorite restaurants. I don’t live near one, but when traveling I always take every chance I get to stop and have some BBQ if there’s one nearby. Have you visited Sonny’s recently? Then they want your feedback, and are willing to reward you for it! Just visit, enter the 15 digit restaurant code printed on the bottom of your receipt, and begin the short survey to get a discount on your next visit to Sonny’s.


Can you order sonnys online?

Online Ordering Coming Soon! Online ordering will be available soon. Enter your email to get notified when we launch!

How much is Sonny's all you can eat ribs?

.99 all you can eat ribs very worth... - Sonny's BBQ.

Is Sonny's BBQ going out of business?

Sonny's BBQ to Close. The restaurant will close after 17 years of business.

How much does Sonny's Catering cost?

Sonny's BBQ Catering Reviews The estimated pricing range for other packages except for Sonny's Catering Starters start from a minimum of to per person for pick-up options, - for delivery and a range from - for the set-up and serve options.


  1. Marie

    I messed up on my answer I tried to hit back button to correct my answer but instead it said I was only allowed one entry ever 7 days. You need to do something with your website. Needless to say it didn’t give me my validation code. That is totally unfair.

  2. Jean Ann Church

    I eat at your restaurant weekly. I never can get these surveys to work.i typed in my survey code number and it froze. 026 402 000 145 114 . i tried again and it said it was already used. I always feel like ive been cheated. Please fix this.

  3. Rayanna hawkins

    Me and my family eat at sonnys all the time it is really good food we were there today and some people were complaining dont know why they would complain there food is awesome and theres this amazing waitress her name is tara she is really sweet she is amazing just like there food
    Love always

  4. MaryAnn

    We eat at Sonnys BBQ once a week and it is always delicious. We order the Family Feast many times and it is always delicious

  5. Robert F. sSellers

    I enjoyed my meal but I didn’t enjoy your download for the free sandwich. You fail to mention that you have to download an intermediate conversion program to access the survey. That I will not do. Disappointing and somewhat deceiving,

  6. Otha Cobbs

    I am a known regular at your restaurant, but on Sunday July 24th I received the most horrid meal imaginable. This is not the first time, but because I am a regular I say nothing. The restaurant is on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando Florida. The “sliced” turkey which I always order was in bits and pieces and the baked beans were as if they were days old. In other words, dry as a bone. I have to always tell the attendant at the drive through to make sure the fries are fresh or I will be given over done hard pieces. I expect more from Sonny’s than this!

  7. Martha Thomas

    I have gone to the and it wants you to download something; I finally did the download and there is NO CODE or anything to start for the free sandwich….is this is scam or what?

    We love SONNYs and I love that they dice up the beets now 🙂 great for the salad.

  8. Doris Caple

    I was writing a review of our meal at Sonny’s and when it got to the question of “did we eat ribs” and I answered no and the survey shut down. What gives? Not the first time this has happened and if our business isn’t important to you after 15 years then perhaps we need to drive a few more miles to Rt. 200 and enjoy BBQ at a new restaurant which we visited with a group of friends from church one Sunday and the food was excellent! Our waitress on our last visit was Jessica and she was ‘very busy’ as the place was packed BUT she found time to check in with us to see if our food was okay and when we needed refills on tea. In fact she checked in 3 times with us as she did with the tables around us. We were very pleased with her service.


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