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  1. I live in Albuquerque, NM and I was disappointed by the lack of food in the service area and although a serer was there and knew I walked in did not acknowledge me right away. I couldn’t help but think since both of the servers were quite heavy that perhaps that is why there was the lack of food but then again it was Halloween and they may have had a lot of customers. Anyways, the food was mediocre in taste and luke warm in temperature. I gave my card and as she was processing it I remembered to ask if they do military discounts and found out they do but it was too late because she didn’t know how to retrieve and start over. It was unfortunate because I hadn’t eaten there in a while and in the past when I had, it was a very good experience.

  2. thinkyou may need to adjust your ads had a problem ordering 3piece dark when i asked if
    i could have 3 thighs. NO where does it specify say1 leg 2thighs or 2legs 1thigh. persons were rude
    made me wait one a person came in jumped the line and they took his order for 2 large brownies.
    never gave me the senior discount. manager came out and repeated the same. cannot give 3thighs on a 3 piece dark order. also premium charge for creamed spinach @%25cents wow you stooped to lows.

  3. Hi, Just a short note to thank you and your staff for the well cooked meal last night. It was well
    seasoned n deliciously tasty. My husband and I really enjoyed it very much. Your staff is also very professional, friendly and attentive with all the clients and the atmosphere there is peaceful n very family like.
    I am telling all my friends n neighbors that the Boston Market from across the street is the one to go for deliciously tasty food. Thank you very much for your attention n your professionalism, your very attentive staff and of course the deliciously food served. God Bless you all. Keep it up!!!

  4. Anyone else try to get the Saturday Special discount on a Saturday only to be told that the Saturday Special was not valid on Saturday…..Huh???Why print it on one side of receipt if you are going to deny use of it ??? Scam ???? Mr Jacobsen

  5. Hello, I try to go to Boston Mkt as often as I can. Usually a very pleasant experience until last week. I tried to redeem my 15% discount coupon from the week before. When I tried to redeem the coupon on checkout the cashier said I could not use it because it was Saturday. I looked on the back of my receipt and it appeared she was correct. I do not understand why you call it “Saturday Special” on the reverse of the receipt when on the front of the receipt you state that offer on reverse of receipt under” Saturday special” is not valid on Saturday. What gives..what kind of scam is this ? Your food has almost always been great but I am really put off by your false claims to a discount once in a while. Please answer this. thanks Mr Jacobsen

  6. went to boston market to try new bourbon checken and bacon had to wait for bacon to be cooked they none of the new corn to try had no mixed wilted salad to try why advertise it if you don’t have it very disappointed in boston market manager could have cred less store number 0013

  7. My order included meat loaf, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn. All were excellent!

  8. Prime Rib is excellent. Adding horseradish and au jus completes the meal. Highly worth the money. Hope this item continues.

  9. Every time I want a good hot meal, my place to go is Boston market. Always great customer service.everyone is do helpful and so nice so I will continue to always be a good customer. Thank you Amelia

  10. I went to Boston market the service was excellent I have not been there for a while. But I will come more often and the food is very good.

  11. The salad I received was not fresh. 1/5 of the leaves were brown or rotting. I tried to call the location to let them know about the quality of my salad and so they would not serve the lettuce to other customers. I truly believe if I ate the salad as it was made/sold to me I would have gotten sick. When I called the location the phone rang for about 5 minutes, no one answered, and eventually the line was disconnected. I find it highly unlikely that someone was able to make that salad and not. Price the brown/rotting leaves.

  12. I can today Friday 29 Dec 2010 l .very happy wh food and service on Boston market on buffalo grove I’ll thank you very much

  13. food is always delicious and fresh. service is good. sometimes it gets so busy and we have to wait for service. your empoyees arealways pleasant and ready to help.

  14. excellent service very polite and too the gentle man who cuts up the chicken he should be employer of the month

  15. We haven’t been there in a long time and we went and it was a very nice experience and there was the fast food and very nice staff and the food quality was very good

  16. Alexis in Greensboro who assisted the Aetna office in High Point, NC was great. I would have tipped her but was told that you all didn’t except tips. Sad to hear that especially when one of your employees has done a great job.

    If you all have any type of awards, certificates, etc. please give her one, as she was wonderful and had a great attitude.

    Thank you,
    Aetna Management

  17. I came in yesterday, its seemed like it was very busy from the looks of the line. Everyone seemed to be standing around upset because a customer came in & skipped the line. The manager did nothing about the rude customer, instead he stopped a transaction & rung up the rude customer. My friends & I were very upset with the service, Overall only 2 employees were helpful and were polite enough to apologize & make sure all our needs were met, the cashier Miss Tiera and an older woman. I assumed she was a manager because she had on a red golf shirt and was on sides.

  18. everyone was polite, they helped me to take my plate to the table everything was fresh,and very good.i love to eat there.

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