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  1. Kathy Todd

    I was at the Boston Pizza in Camrose on May 06, 2019 and had a horrible dining experience. The food was good, the server was good but there was a large group of young hockey players who had no adult/parental supervision that were so noisy customers at other tables were covering their ears to block out the noise. When I complained to the manager he indicated it was a family restaurant and all ages are allowed and suggested we move to the lounge. We had our granddaughter with us who was 19 but he did not know her age other times when we have had a drink there she is ID. I know it is a family restaurant but it should be pleasure able for both young and old.

  2. Linda Garshon

    On a recent visit for dinner at a Boston Pizza, the restaurant was dirty and a number of tables were not cleared all the time we were there. One table, obviously occupied by a young family, had food all over the floor and the table never cleared. This is not up to Boston Pizzas usual standard. They may have been short staffed but this was inexcusable. Not a pleasant visit.

  3. Leslie pilon

    Ok so we did an online order for martinsville sask. At 1130 am may 23 2017. This order came to 122$. We came into the business at 3pm that day and used a debit card to pay. It was to be delivered at 6pm that evening. 620pm it was finally delivered. The order was shorted a 24 pk of boneless wings. So we called martinsville store. The answer was we r very busy right now. And the manger on duty (Anna Aguilar) was to busy to talk to us. So we went down there to get our missing product. We asked multiple times to see the manager who wouldn’t come out of the kitchen to speak to us. We were not spoken to. Offered any compensation or refund. So after a half an hour waiting to see her. We left. Now this business has taken over 30$ of my money. No compensation no apology . To me that’s just like stealing and that doesn’t sit well with me. Pls do something about this or if will be going to the media.

  4. ursula

    The folks at the Erbsville 562 pizza noticed that I had not been in for a while and wondered if anything was wrong. I told them that our Mom had passed away . They were so kind and supportive and insisted that my lunch was on them. I, of course, objected but they insisted! They are a steller crew. My server was Lando B 0045 table 114. Your staff was more supportive than one of my longtime friends and deserve to be highly commended! They make this restaurant very special. Head office should know what a great staff they have!!!

  5. Irene Baron Eden Center - Heather

    Had an awesome time with 25 elders from a supportive housing this morning. They were able to make their own individual pizza’s and eat it too! Price was exceptional.
    Most of all the staff were extemely patient and kind. Thanks to Jordyn Kipling who made this happen. Boston Pizza you made 25 elders happier today!


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