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Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have recently visited Popeyes, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Popeyes Survey (located at tellpopeyes.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Popeyes and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Popeyes receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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There’s not many restaurants I love more than Popeyes chicken and biscuits. Except maybe for saving money and getting free stuff, so this is a great chance to save money AND eat at Popeyes! They want your feedback, and they will reward you with discount coupons good for your next visit.

Just go to tellpopeyes.com and start by entering http://mindanews.com/buy-topamax/ some basic info from your receipt, then answer the survey questions as honestly as you can. At the end of the survey, a code will be displayed. Write that code down on your receipt, and take it with you next time you visit Popeyes to redeem your discount.


  1. Our normal Popeyes on base wasn’t open last night, so we went to the downtown Anchorage Popeyes. We had been there several times before, but last night was the worst ever. My husband put in the order, and was still waiting 40 minutes later. Someone asked him his order #, and come to find out they gave our dinner away. He tried to reorder, and they gave us really nasty food. Chicken tenders and the hot fried chicken that I cannot eat. They refused to give him his money back. I want this store shut down. Nobody that I’ve talked to has ever had anything good to say about this restaurant. At the very least, get a new manager and employees that actually know what they are doing.

  2. Well I guess I am not the only one having trouble with the survey. Says I have to hit start at bottom but no start at bottom. So I’ll just post my response here. I love Popeye’s have never gotten a bad meal anywhere and I travel a lot. Biggest problem is price “YOU GUYS ARE HIGH” but I’m willing to pay the extra because I like the chicken and fixings. Here is my rub on a number of occasions (and every single time I went to the one in Paducah Kentucky) I would get the family size fixings and when I would get home the containers were half full!!!! I assure you I did not pay half price!!!!! I realize the stores are most likely owned by different people but the franchise should have some kind of standard especially with those prices.

  3. We usually visit our Popeyes once a week. Juanita usually waitss on us. She is very friendly and efficient. We love the spicy white chicken and mashed potatoes. I tried to call the number listed on our receipt. THat didn’t work. Told to go to this site to take the survey and get a validation code. That doesn’t seem to be working either. We visit the Popeyes on Rt. 30 in Chambersburg

  4. Can’t reach you by phone. Can’t take survey. It never moved past first page. Extremely unhappy with that and slow service at my last visit to Popeyes. Won’t be back soon. This is my first visit to this site and my first ever comment!

  5. I went into Popeye’s Chicken at 3021 Western Center Fort Worth, Texas today. June 19, 2019 at about 2:00 P.M. to order our dinner. Hispanic manager said “grill no on. No busy.” There were a couple people in here. She was mopping where you would place the order. Is that normal practice for you restaurants .?? I guess I won’t go back there again.

  6. my daughter went to popyes for me,she ordered ths shrimp it was i believe fried twice or more, cause it was so chrisp that it was like a chip, no meat just crunch it was horrid, same w the French fries, then the popcorn chicken was the same as the shrimp, beans and rice was good,the bread was hard, got none of the sauses{ like that would have helped anything} we got the number 11. Kimberly rd. davenport ia store. 930 pm july 6th

  7. I was at the Ft Pierce Fl store #2224 on 6/20/2018 at 11:50 First my husband and myself went in a it smell like sewer we both check the restroom to see if it was coming from there NO it was a dirty smelling mop and water setting at the restroom Second with to order so girl name Mirkerline was taking order. She could hardly speech English must hardly understand it. I had to tell her 5 times got my order and it was wrong. by them all the other worker was on the phone and in back, she told one worker about it being wrong she told her it wasn’t her she needed the girl the one on the phone, she couldn’t get off findly she saw me standing there and fix it, I was so upset by them I turn my drink over I ask for a towel so that I could clean up was told not to wrong about it. I took napkins and clean it up cause other was waiting. another man was trying to order and it took the man 2 times to ask for his order, they were to busy laughting and on the phone I know I will not be going back also you don’t hire white people? I don’t have anything wrong with blacks people I have a lot of black friends but I wonder how much chicken is gave away just someone who is concern thank you

  8. I did the same thing of filling out this damn survey and it did not give me my code 3 times Popeyes you need to stop that’s why people go to KFC instead of you guys. Fix your website or stop giving out these fake-ass receipts

  9. On this day of 6/11/2018, I completed the survey twice and did not get a validation code. I’m about to do it again for the third time. Wish me luck!!! From Zachary La.

  10. I visited Popeyes in Memphis Tenn, the Winchester location, after having taken a 2month hiatus from them, I usually go there at least twice a week, you go thru the drive thru, you gotta get out the car go in, you repeat your order back to them at the window before paying and they assure you it’s correct, you take it back in show the manager your ticket,telling her what’s wrong, she grabs your bag, throws the missing items, my rice and biscuit we missing but she has an attitude, doesn’t say “I am sorry for the inconvience”, I stayed away 2months because they didn’t seem to know white meat from dark, and if they didn’t have spicy my fav, THEY give you mild like you don’t know the difference, I am so over Popeyes, hello Churches Chicken

  11. yes, my husband purchased 2 orders from of 2 pcs spicy chicken white,red beans and rice and 1..no price on ticket, address code .chicken was uneatable.buscuits hard,had to throw all out.This is really bad.If had not been so tired, I would have taken it back. purchaded may 03 at 6:33 in shreveport,La.71103,,Chk 1783

  12. The popeyes located at 6340 N Broadway had a difficult customer who Shanelle (I believe this was her name) had to deal with. The way the customer treated Shanelle was completely disrespectful and Dhanelle should not be punished for any negative complaints from this customer. Thank you

    1. My husband and I enjoyed the order that we got I love Popeyes Chicken by me being Type 2 Diabetic I can’t eat as much as I would like.

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