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If you have recently visited Ruby Tuesday, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Ruby Tuesday Survey (located at tellrubytuesday.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Ruby Tuesday and saved the receipt.

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Ruby Tuesday really wants your feedback, and they are willing to reward you for your opinions with discounted food!

All you have to do to get your discount coupon is fill out their short online survey – tellrubytuesday.com – and enter the survey number printed on your receipt or invitation.

At the end of the survey, jot down the validation code displayed on the screen, and just take that receipt in with you next time you visit to get your discount.


  1. big changes on the menu not that great too much spicy, bbq even the corn is spiced hot some folks can not eat hot spicy foods and anyone watching sugar bbq is a no no. The only especially healthy thing is the salad bar .they are not doing so well in the grilling dep.need better cooks someone with experience in food preparation it wold be nice if they had a menu for those with allergy’s I do not like the new menu and may not be eating at Ruby’s so often.

  2. My husband and I are regulars at ruby Tuesday on rt 1 in princeton, nj. But a problem with my gift card could have changed all that. Thanks to the manager on duty ( 5/26/18 @ 6pm) you still have happy and loyal customers.

  3. We enjoy Ruby Tuesday’s. We love their salad bar, so much to choose from and unlimited trips, well worth the price. Our waitress Marsha was very polite and friendly. This is our second visit to this location in Springfield, Mo.. We will continue coming to this restuarant.

  4. we ate at Rubt Tues on 4/24/18.my bill was 11.67.I gave her my gift card for 15.00,I received for Christmas.She said it rang up at $1.35.I had not used it before..I had the receipt for the card rung up by 57 Ryan on 12/21/17 at 4:37 p.m.she said i still owed 10.32,I paid her that amount,but I wasn’t happy paying the bill twice.This was at #7743,at Litchfield,Illinois.

  5. We enjoyed our meals at Ruby Tuesday in Lansdale, PA. Our waiter, Brad was very helpful. We do miss the biscuits and there were no breads in the salad bar.

  6. I had an extraordinary experience at the Ruby Tuesday’s in Grand Forks, ND, on December 21 (I think that was the date). I don’t have the receipt, so I can’t take the survey, but I want you to know that the manager of that store is a truly exceptional person.
    I arrived for dinner in a state of advanced anxiety, worried about my partner’s medical testing the next day. Scott Humble greeted me at the door and instantly understood that I was distressed. I asked for a quiet booth. Scott led me to a booth at the back, and assured me that he wouldn’t seat anyone else in that section while I was there.
    A little while later Scott returned, and sat down with me. We talked. Usually I wouldn’t want a stranger to do that, but Scott wasn’t a stranger for long, and I was really comforted by his company.
    The whole wait staff was really sweet and attentive.
    At the end of my meal, I offered my credit card, but my waiter said they weren’t going to charge me. And sweet Scott gave me a $50 gift card, and asked I needed a ride to my hotel or anything else. I’m pretty sure he watched while I walked the half-block to the hotel.
    I’m a frequent flier at Ruby Tuesday’s (I was there again last night), so I already liked this restaurant, but Scott made a real difference in my life. I knew people can be very kind, but Scotch is in a class by himself.

  7. My boyfriend and I had dinner in Gainesville, Fl. We ate at the bar. The bar was dirty. Only one bartender and she was waiting on others at the bar as well as making drinks for the dining room patrons. Needless to say we had a significant wait with no drinks or menus. I wiped the bar myself. Salad bar was good. Ribs and Mac-N-cheese were OK. Barmaid was told prior to ordering about the Birthday discount, needless to say she forgot the discount and had to re-do the check. In her defense she was over whelmed.

  8. My daughter and I just finished dinner at the 4600 Devine Street location in Columbia, SC. I am not typically delighted as a customer by any service I receive at a restaurant or any other retailer. Most of my experiences involve employees talking to one another, no eye contact, and expressing desire to get off of work.

    I can honestly say our experience this evening was absolutely fantastic as a result of the excellent customer service Johann provided us. She was pleasant, made eye contact, expressed a genuine interest in the quality of our food, and pleasing us as her customer. We both felt valued and appreciated for our decision to dine at that location tonight. As we were leaving, I asked to speak with the manager, and he promptly came out to speak to us. I shared our delightful experience and he shared we were her second customer today that shared the same information with him. Clearly, she values her customers and has a genuine desire to provide quality customer service.

    Thank you, Johann!

  9. i am 72 yrs. old and i always enjoyed ruby tuesdays. my son purchased a 100.00gift card #6137 3514 1004 8367 in march for my birthday also gave me the bonus cards 2 of 15.00 each but i was ill &didnt use my card until june the 2 bonus cards expired &i tried to use them,of corse they were turned down which i think is unfair like i said i like your establishment but do not think it is fair to me or my son

  10. I misplaced my receipt so no number. But the restaurant in Fort Walton Beach FL on Beal Parkway is simply outstanding. Sarah waited on us Saturday July 15 2017 . Could not have asked for better service . The other impressive thing was that my burger was cooked perfectly. You say no big deal, in this day and age its a big deal. Unless your at a real upscale Steak place it’s tough to get medium rare on a burger. Well they have consistently done a super job on any food we have received.
    Just my two sense you have a good house on Beal in FWB

  11. Respectfully request that the biscuits, or some sort of baked bread. be reinstated. I have always had bread served with my meals at other restaurants and I believe this absence of bread will cost you some customers.

  12. I am so upset that you do not have the biscuits any more. Seemed like a long time to get food, but that was biscuit fill time. Also at the end of the meal- Bourbon chicken and 2 vegetables (which I always get) I was HUNGREY which I never have been before. Dessert would not have filled that void. Please reconsider. We were told it was going to be replaced with 4 different breads, but they weren’t offered, was told there were some on the salad bar.

  13. I ordered the Pork Chop at the Valley Park, MO site…I thought it came with 2 sides so I ordered green beans and cauliflower. My bill charged me $1.99 for the cauliflower. With the entree being $16.29, I think 2 sides SHOULD be included! I also ordered an extra side of mac ‘n cheese…$4.38 is more than I expected it to cost! I did not order from the bar nor did I get dessert…My bill was $27.77 for lunch 🙁

    1. If you want to spend less for lunch go to a fast food you can’t go to a sit down restaurant and expect to spend 5 or 10 dollars on something of what you ordered or simply read the menu it tells you everything you need to know.

  14. My friend and I ate at ruby Tuesday sat. I have been there before and was great. Saturday my food was cold, tertible
    service, two mistakes with the order. I was upset. Did not say anything . All very very young workers, need some good managers, austintown, Ohio rest

  15. My husband and I visit Ruby Tuesday very often, we enjoy the food . All the help there are
    always nice

  16. Me and my husband had been a big fan of Ruby Tuesday’s until we ordered the bourbon chicken and I was not able to eat mine, my husband ate his but didn’t like it. With it being $12.59, that was a lot to toss. We complained to the Manager at the Wilkesboro, NC Restaurant, and she told us they paid $$$$ to change the sauce! She saw I wasn’t able to eat mine, but didn’t offer us a discount, etc. We had ordered this in the past and really liked it when it was the old sauce. The salad was good, the dressing (Ranch, not fat free) was sour.

  17. I love Ruby Tuesday’s, I go out to lunch there with my mom when ever we get the chance in Mason City, IA and we had Steve as our server last time and he was great so I filled out the survey at http://tellrubytuesday.com ! I enjoy the great food options and atmosphere every time I go!

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