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If you have recently visited Tim Hortons, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Tim Hortons Survey (located at telltimhortons.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Tim Hortons and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Tim Hortons receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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How much is a box of coffee at Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons PricesFoodSizePriceHot BeveragesCoffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Small.59Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Medium.79Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Large.99155 more rowswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › tim-hortons-pricesTim Hortons Prices - Fast Food Menu Priceswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › tim-hortons-prices

Can you check your Tim Card balance online?

The balance on your Tim Card can be checked anytime at participating restaurants, online or by calling 1-866-TIM-CARD (846-2273). No purchase is necessary to check your balance. To check the balance online, you will need the 16-digit card number as well as the scratch-off security PIN number on the back of the card.

What kind of cream does Tim Hortons use?

If you've been drinking Tim Hortons double double coffee, they use 18 percent cream (table cream).

How much is a 50 pack of timbits 2019?

50 Timbits: .49 (up from .20 for the 40 pack).

How much is a 50 pack of timbits 2019?

50 Timbits: .49 (up from .20 for the 40 pack).

How much is a 20 pack of Timbits?

Tim Hortons PricesFoodSizePriceTimbits10 Pack.99Timbits20 Pack.99Timbits40 Pack.99Classic Cookie

How much is a single timbit?

Tim Hortons raises its prices: A Timbit now costs