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If you have recently visited Taco John's, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Taco John's Survey (located at telltj.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Taco John's and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Taco John's receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
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Taco John’s wants your feedback! As a reward for your opinions, they want to give you a discount on your next order at Taco John’s. All you need to do is visit telltj.com, tell them what you think about your experience at Taco John’s, and you will receive a validation code which is redeemable upon your next visit for the offer printed on your receipt.


  1. richard rounds

    I ordered my stuffed taco and drink for less than $2.00.

  2. richard rounds

    I took my wife and she got a fish taco and wanted me to try one but I wanted the stuffed taco. She got there before me so she already orded the fish taco, then I came and showed her the coupon for the stuffed taco that is free and she got the stuffed taco too.

  3. richard rounds

    I went to Taco Johns for the free stuffed taco with a purchase. I paid less than $2.00 for the taco and a drink, which isn’t bad. The next time will be cheaper yet because I am a senior, so I will get a further discount.

  4. charlie

    i aiways get my order right. i get take out at least once a week. friendly people clean,place when i do go in.

  5. Lorraine Larson

    I don’t very often eat at Taco Johns 9118 but today I stopped and went through the drive through and ordered #1 on the menu $5.99. The gal asked me if I wanted a Med. or Large drink, I said medium. She said that will be $7.06. I got to the window and asked why is it $7.06 she said for the larger drink. I said what size comes with the $5.99 and she said the small drink. Well, I have not had this before and I sure will not go back. Why don’t they say small is the size that comes with the #1 for $5.99. This is a rip off to the customer. I said why didn’t you say med. or large cost extra. As far as I’m concerned I’m through with Taco Johns and I will tell other people about this way of selling to the customer.


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