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KFC has of the most delicious fast food fried chicken out there. If you have enjoyed a meal at KFC recently, they want to hear from you! KFC realizes that your opinions are valuable, and will reward you for your time. To complete the survey, just visit yourkfc.co.uk and give your honest opinions, then just follow the instructions to redeem the offer printed on your receipt. Enjoy!



    Went to kfc uttoxeter to day had 10 family feast order number 2373, service not to bad no clean tables but that is nothing new with kfc, not been for a while because we have found that chicken is getting so greasy and portions are getting smaller well today I think the wewe was being taken so small were the pieces one was no bigger than my thumb when we saw the manager her reply was we have to vary the pieces in size . one very disgruntled customer not going to kfc again .

  2. Johnston

    Went to the KFC in the trading estate in Canterbury. The service was good and prompt but I find generally that the chicken there is on the dry side when comparing it to the KFC in the city centre.

  3. colin g folliott

    tried your well publicised Louisiana burger -very tasty but when you buy in drive thru–you must expect some people will want to eat in your car park or in their car somewhere.
    sadly this experience was very messy as the rather flimsy burger bun fell to pieces very quickly leaving me with all sorts of filling and relish all over the place except in my mouth !!!
    a big burger needs a tough bun !!

  4. Tina

    I came to KFC on 19-01-2017 at 12:56pm. I received my order very quickly by SUSHI’_(05903) who was helpful and polite. The restaurant and seating were very clean which is good. My order number was 1010.

    The fries and chicken mini fillets were lovely but I think the original piece chicken recipe didn’t have much flavour as what it used to when the restaurant first opened. Has the recipe for the breadcrumb coating been changed?

  5. thomas

    I came to your drive thro on the 26-12-2016 and got a reg box xmas ftwr it costed 6.19 and I didn’t like the way I was treated the box meal was thrown to me and no xmas spirt, the meal was horrible the bun was dry and hard and cold the chicken was warm and the chicken that came as a side was very greasy, was not in pressed with both service and meal and I will not be going back to any off your kfc again for a very long while and I will be letting others know about my experience the kfc I went to was in litherland my order number was 5043 a very angry customer

  6. M.z.khan

    Been to KFC Peterborough today. Complete mess it was. KFC staff on drive thru, was not helpful when asked about dips with boneless box. Went to next window. Staff already put in sauces.when asked he was happy to change dips.But his supervisor in black shirt came to him and talked down to him”what are you doing?” His words were. I asked the supervisor is my order a complete. He said “yes everything is in there’. Came home 4pieces of chicken out of 8 were missing.

  7. Elaine o'Loughlin

    Visited KFC Yeoviltonight at 18.06 walked in ordered our food turned around to find a table to eat our food to discover all tables were filthy with left over food on tables chairs and floors disgusted with this tryed outside tables they were exactly the same we went back inside cleaned our table ate our food disgusted with lack of hygiene . We weren’t only ones to complain in which 20 mins later someone came out to cleans he bins were also full.

  8. Carol Jamieson

    Excellent take away service . Very fast . Pleasant staff . . Food great . Only complaint the shop is too small .

  9. dr uttam shah

    excellent take away service at KFC Harrow Weald DT
    374 HIGH ROAD.HA6 6HE.


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