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If you have recently visited Marks & Spencer, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Marks & Spencer Survey (located at yourmandsviews.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Marks & Spencer and saved the receipt.

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  1. Mr R.Still September 19 at 11:03

    Dana i found exceptional for her customer caring and how helpful she was when i needed some help with food products. Very polite and knowledgeable and happy to go out of her way to find what you are looking for.
    receipt number 671162 – 103 – 2286

  2. I visited Vangarde, York yesterday to find yet again that what I really wanted wasn’t there in my size. I wanted yo buy summer pj’s but was reduced to only two sets on offer in size 14!!! Very unsatisfactory don’t you think!, I thought that Vangarde was a flagship store not one left behind! When I asked at the till when stock is replenished I was informed ‘every night’. This clearly is insufficient. If size 14 is so in demand that it is sold out by noon ( I constantly come across this in your stores) then surely the stock computers should be ordering more of that size. I travelled a total of 30 miles to shop IN STORE rather than on the internet as I wanted a) to support the store b) to feel the material do that I could make an informed choice and not have to return a garment FAILED AGAIN

  3. M&S Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, S. Wales.

    Cathy was so helpful with giving me advice and help with my purchases. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you Cathy.

  4. I was served by Di who helped me to find the men’s trousers that I was searching for. She was very pleasant and helpful and I felt that nothing was to much trouble

  5. DeniseBarber
    June 2nd 2018 at 17.16
    served by Jane Chadwick pleasant and informative thank you
    2503 110 136849

  6. A pleasant experience with a polite and helpful assistant whose name was Mary. The item I wished to purchase was not available in store,so Mary ordered it on line for me without any problem.
    Thank you.
    Mrs. D. Burton.

  7. Christina in our Dumfries store was pleasant cheerful and friendly.The store was perfectly clean and welcoming.It is a British icon so please don’t leave us.

  8. M & S store. Dorchester DORSET
    Served by Loren. A very welcoming and courteous assistant.
    I found the store well kept and stocked.
    Very satisfied.

  9. I have spent some time completing this questionnaire but am not sure it has been completed as I have no been asked for my receipt number which is

    2804 114 110419 (unique code)

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