Which Credit Cards Are Offering Free Credit Scores?

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I received a message recently asking about free credit score credit cards. I knew of a few credit cards which were currently offering free credit scores to their cardmembers, but after some in depth research, I found many more. I had no idea how many different credit card issuers were jumping on the free credit score bandwagon until now.

Just a few short years ago, getting a free credit score was something of an ordeal. Today, there are numerous ways consumers can gain access to their free credit score. Whether it’s a free credit score with no credit card or getting access to all 3 free credit scores, there’s something for everyone. Recently many credit card issuers have joined in the fun of offering free credit scores to their customers. But not all do yet, lets take a closer look.

Here are the credit cards currently offering free credit scores:

  1. Discover it® – Offers customers their Free FICO® Credit Score on statements, online and through their mobile app.
  2. Capital One – It appears that any Capital One credit card holder now has access to a free credit score through something called “Credit Tracker”, which is a free credit monitoring tool just for Capital One cardmembers.
  3. Barclaycard US – Similar to Discover it®, they offer a complimentary FICO® Credit Score to its cardholders.
  4. Citi – Offers cardholders access to their Equifax FICO Credit Score through by logging in to their account online.
  5. Chase – Certain Chase credit cards with get free access to FICO credit scores.
  6. First National – Offers an Experian FICO Credit Score on the billing statement each month.
  7. Bank Of America – In the latter part of 2015, word is they will start offering a free FICO Score with a consumer credit card. So we’ll be on the lookout for that.

I actually have a couple of these cards, plus I’m a member of FreeScoresAndMore to track my credit and get all 3 free credit scores, so right now I’m getting a crazy amount of access to my credit scores! It’s a bit humorous to me because I remember the days where you had to practically solve a Rubik’s cube before you could see your credit score.

Before you go off and apply for these cards, many of them require Good to Excellent credit. Might be a good idea to run a quick free credit checkup with our credit score estimator first. Whether you have a 600 credit score or 800 credit score, you should still monitor your credit, now is a good time to start if you haven’t already.

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